Unlock iPhone

how to activate iphone ios 7.0.4

Cannot activate IMessages even after troubleshooting iPhone

Cannot activate IMessages even after troubleshooting

Appstore and cookies iPhone 3G

When i try to download a app i log in and get a message that i need to activate cookies in safari, i

Help me iPhone

Hi. My iphone is unlocked ip. At first I use Fido number to activate and using it till now. now i wa

Can't Activate iPhone 4S

I can't activate my iphone 4S.  It asks for the original owner's Apple ID and Password

Iphone 5s Searching for signal then device unknown

My iphone lost service, kept "Searching" with no signal for two days then the signal turned to "No s

How to activate iMessage with phone number only iPhone

Hey, I've been using iMessage ever since I got my phone a few months back and I accidentall

my phone could not be activated beacause activation server temporarily unavailable .try connecting your phone to itunes to activate it or ty again in couple of minutes . if problem presists contact apple support . what shoud i iPhone 5s

i forgot my phone passode so i used track my phone to restart as your instructions said and i am get

Anything I Can About Bad ESN iPhone 5C

Hi everyone, Knowingly, I recently purchased an iphone with bad ESN off of eBay. The seller and

Hello dear apple store as I have if I have burned WiFi and gsm modules and need to activate iphone 5 a1498 please tell me what I should . Thanks in advance.

Hello dear apple store as I have if I have burned WiFi and gsm modules and need to activate iphone 5

my iphone 4s facetime will not activateon wifi or 4g

i have called and called apple and they are unable to help me my iphone 4s will not activate my face

My iPhone 5 dosent ask for Apple I.D but asks for s to activate it it iCloud blocked

My iphone 5 dosent ask for a Apple I.D but asks for a sim to activate it ..is it iCloud blocked ??

How I cancel activation on iPhone 4

I used to use my iphone 4 as a cell phone but then I got another phone and used this one as an iPod.

why can t i turn on iMessages on my 5s iPhone

The imessage activation button will not move to the right to turn on.  Facetime will not activa

I'm trying to activate my new iphone 4 and it says device not configured correctly. Can I fix this.

I am not able to activate my new phone, it says that the phone configuration is incorrect.  Can

Can I activate 5S on network only allows up to an iPhone 5 iPhone 5C

Hello, I am looking to start service with FreedomPop using a phone. They currently only sell the iPh

iMessages won't activate on my iPhone 4S

I want Apple to patch the iphone iMessages error in iOS 7.1.2

Need help iPhone 4S

If you restore your iphone 4s and it says you need your apple id and password to activate ,and it sa

My iMessages won't work on my iPhone 5. help would be appreciated.

As the title says, my imessages just wont work on my iphone 5. I have tried everything from a dfu re

Phone underwent recovery modefactory reset. Now my iPhone 5 will not accept my Apple ID to reactivate.

My phone went under recovery mode after a quick dip in some water today, after plugging it in and do

I BOUGHT THIS USED iPhone and can not activate old owner un-reachable help iPhone 5s

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to help you. This is a user-to-user forum hosted by Apple.