Unlock iPhone

adding memory to iPhone 5

Contacts not updating iPhone 5

I had deleted contacts from my iphone because I wanted to hide them as they were Facebook contacts w

Since 7.1.1. update iPhone 4 call reception strength fluctuates erratically

This iphone 4 has worked fine with the StraightTalk network.  Signal strength has remained stea

i have new iphone 4s but it not giving me all available memory. its 16GB. only 11.9 used and its telling me i have 1.7 free

i have a new iphone 4s but it is not giving me all available memory. its a 16GB. only 11.9 used and

app uptades take from internal memory iPhone 3G

If the original app I had installed to my iphone was, say, 10 MB, what happens when I install, say,

Format iPhone my USB thumb drive went from WR speeds of about 250 to 10mbs after while speed went normal after format. Can this be happening to old iphone s How to format them from ground up iPhone 5

I've read that because of the way they handle files, SSDs go slow over the time unless you apply

I Need Battery Replacement iPhone 5s

So I got my phone back in February, not to long ago. I've noticed from the time I received it up

Forgot my lock code but I don t have backup. Can I create backup iPhone

I forgot my lock code on my iphone 5. I know how ti restore it but there is a huge problem. I don

My Iphone 4s won't connect to wifi fixes iPhone 5

My iphone 4s recently stopped connecting to wfi. I have no clue what could have caused it because I

iPhone 5s camera app won't open and crashes from lock screen and control menu

Hello, I recntly got a Black iphone 5s 16gb and it was working fine. Then sudenly the camera app sta

How can I free iPhone space iPhone 5

Yesterday I made a back up of my iphone and then I rebooted it. Before restoring I had all my song a

My phone keeps saying it not have enough memory. iPhone 4S

Everytime I use my phone I get a little pop up that tells me that I have no storage or that I am ext

not enough storage iPhone 5C

  Hi!Today i bought an iphone 5c with 16 GB of memory, then as now I have backed up my old

Why iPhone 5s Dropping Calls

There are two main reasons the phone would be dropping calls. They are both quick fixes and will not

iCloud lock iPhone 5

So I have an damaged iphone 5 that I'm currently using and it has a lot of damage to it and a no

How I erase memory of uninstalled apps iPhone 3G

I've tried almost everything and dunno what to do..

Which one to buy iPhone 4S or 5C iPhone 5C

I live in India and an iphone is to be bought.The prices (all approx.) are as listed below:4s (8 GB)

Sync error erased songs now ghost files have me over capacity iPhone

Last night when I tried to a routine sync to iTunes using my iphone (4S), I got the dreaded neverend

Why Wi Fi on my iPhone 4s so slow when everyone else's connected to it normal speed

I have 8g iphone 4s but the memory isn't full to where it would be slow, it can't e my wifi

I have 4s. It not showing of my music in memory and will not play of my downloaded music. Also it not wanting to download new apps. iPhone 3G

My phone is showing no data for my iTunes. When I try to listen it comes up on the last track I was

Itunes will not find my iphone 4s iv tried everything

I didnt want to post here because i was sure i would find the answer but after trying everything it