Unlock iPhone

iPhone No AirPlay Icon On 4S

Cannot Delete Videos From Videos Album iPhone 3G

On my iPhone in Photos I have albums of  - Camera Roll, My Photo Stream, Videos, Events, Faces

iPhone 4s will not connect to WiFi

iPhone 4s suddenly will not connect to WiFi. Error Message 'Unable to join the network "xxxx". I

iphone in recovery mode iPhone 4S

my iphone is in recovery mode.  what do i do ?

HELP iPhone 4S

Hi, I bought an iphone 4s on ebay, The lady (Becky.cooper2011) has not erased all the content o

WiFi on my iPhone 4s not working after iOS 7.1.

I tried web recomendations. Apple store suggested to replace my phone. I did not have any issues wit

my iMessage only working with some iPhone s. Others are text messages on my phone and appear as message on my friends phone. I've tried resetting network but didn't work. suggestions iPhone 4S

My iMessage is only working with some iPhones. Others are text messages on my phone and appear as me

How to retrieve data from your iphone 4s when I have to restore my phone and cannot restore from my backup due to corruption

I was told that I need to reset my iphone 4s, meaning I must wipe it clean.  There are corrupte

apple doing something about NO wifi on IOS 7 iPhone 4S

PLease any help solving this issue is appreciated. Since Apple is doing nothing about this

PHOTOS iPhone 4S

My iphone 4S will not load my photos to my macbook, its done this in the past (yesterday) but will n

how to downgrade from 7.1 to 7.06 iPhone 4S

how to downgrade my ios from 7.1 to 7.06

What I should when my iphone 5 has an error code 31 in shown device manager of my laptop

My iphone 5 does not recognize as a personal device in my laptop however it is recognize in itunes a

Unlock network iPhone 4S

How to unlock my iPhone

Apple store wouldnt replace my phone because they said third party had changed part with serial number inside my phone i for fact i did not use third party to fix my phone why and how could this of happened iPhone 4S

I recently took my 4S into the apple store seeing as I had dropped it without a case one too many ti

Not Working iPhone 4S

I have ipone 4s. now its cant switch on. and its not working

Hi I have lost my iphone and i erased data through find my iphone service . Can I destroy iphone hardware somehow iPhone 4S

Hi, I have lost my iphone and i erased the data through find my iphone service . Can I destroy the i

Charger plugged in but says its not iPhone 4

My charger is plugged but icon on screen says its not. My phone will not charge

I cant turn on wifi con My iPhone 4S

For some reason I can not turn my wifi any more what can I do?

why cannot Siri leave answer on phone instead of erasing it iPhone 4S

Was rolling down the highway, and needed answer to stay on the phone for extended period of time due

My iPhone 4S screen black only siri works. What's with What can I

Hey,  I have an iphone 4S. Like a billion years ago the power button stopped working. Have

Iphone batterypowercharging issue iPhone 4S

Hello everyone or anyone who might help. I've recently changed my Iphone 4S's display (