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backlight timeout iphone 5

Battery Drain 7.1 iPhone 5s

I have a 6 month old 5s. I’ve never needed to carry a charger around all the time. With my nor

iOS 7.1 and iPhone 44s-corrupt system file or incapacitating passcode bug

Anybody having issues with your iphone 4/4s after iOS 7.1?  If no, have you successfully enable

What's wrong with my Wi-Fi bug report attached iPhone 4S

My wifi went out, and I seriously doubt that it's a hardware issue... Here's a diagnostic re

iphone 4s stuck in black screen keeps vibrating backlight on screen shows nothing

iphone 4s stuck in black screen keeps vibrating, backlight on, screen shows nothing

HELP iPhone 4 water damaged

I had a new iphone and less than 10 hours of me having it, it slipped out of my back pocket and fell

Cracked iPhone 5c.

My iphone 5c screen cracked and the glass started falling off and it just started to show black. I a

iPhone 4S just updated to iOS 7.0.4 screen won't turn on and vibrates twice over and over again. took it to repair shop they tried replacing both battery and charging port and it still continued to same thing. what can i to fix it

So my iphone 4S stopped charging. Every time I plug in the charging cable, it just vibrates twice ov

screen went black won't display anything how to fix iPhone 4

iphone 4, the screen works and responds to touch, and the backlight does come on, but barely, and th

hi when i connect my iphone 5 to pc itunes give me this message non connect to iphone for timeout error on iphone iPhone 5s

hi, when i connect my iphone 5 to pc, itunes give me this message: non connect to iphone for timeout

ANC iPhone 5s

what is ANC? in src/drivers/apple/anc/*  anc.c anc_postnand.cpanic(cpu 0 caller 0xffffff80

My iphone 5 constantly crashing. I receive following incident identifier. Incident Identifier 45CF43AC-ED5B-4F68-A6AE-B0C8677070CC CrashReporter Key 84258ba978dc70dc53b2bc9625bfd4cdc2fd9b34 Hardware Model iPhone 5 1 DateTime 2

My iphone 5 is constantly crashing. I receive this incident Incident Identifier: 45CF43AC-ED5B-

My backlight will not go off. I have tried everything. It makes phone HOT therefore not allowing me to use it or even charge it. HELP iPhone 4

When I plug it to the charger, it really gets hot and will not come back on. I have tried everything

battery life iPhone 5s

I recently purchased the iphone 5s and it recently started taking forever to charge and dies extreme

My iphone iphone 5s backlight has begun blinking at borders and edges of screen what can i to fix this

My iphone 5s backlight has begun blinking at the borders and the edges of the screen. What can i do

iPhone 4s checking for spyware in data

I am convinced my girlfriend has a way to view my messages, listen to phone calls and track my posit

Panic.plist showing up after my iPhone 5 restarts itself

Panic.plist showing up after iphone reboots itself with no reason   iam living in Riyadh K

How can I bypass my password lock to backup my phone in Itunes when my screen damaged and non-responsive iPhone 4S

I recently dropped my phone in the toilet (and subsequently paid the price of having to fish it out!

Yellow discolouration towards top of screen iPhone 5s

Hi everyone, I've had my iphone 5s (space gray) for a couple of weeks now and I'm becom

Dark spots iPhone 5S

Hi their,I've been having quite a few issues with my iphone 5S these past couple of weeks. Initi

With an iPhone 5 way to handling backlight better. Flash doesn't it.

How can I handle backlighting in an iphone 5 camera? The flash doesn't it and there is no way to