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bbm for iphone sounds

dropped iphone in water nothing shows on display iPhone 5s

after dropping my iphone into the water its screen show nothing but i hear sounds so its working and

Problem with aux port of my iphone 5s.

I think there is a problem with the aux port of my iphone 5s. The sounds from the right side of my e

When I get call or text no sound iPhone

I need help with the call and text sounds it says all the way up at sound but it does not work

iPhone 5-Speaker sounds suddenly distorted diminished

Hello! Have iphone 5 with iOS 7.1. Just now, while listening to music through my external

ringing sound problem iPhone 5s

hi dears,my iphone 5s(7.1)  ringing sound and games sounds gone ,but video and music sound avai

iphone 5c call volume very low. suggestions

My iphone 5c call volume is very low. While on a call, I can barely hear the person on the other lin

My brand new iPhone 5s Gold rattles internally when I shake it. it's not power button . It sounds like some small piece got dislodged and now moving around freely when I shake it. Please advise.

My brand new iphone 5s Gold rattles internally when I shake it. (it's not the power button).

Bluetooth in iphone 5S worse than 4. Connection to devices sounds like cd skipping.

my ipad doesn't have any trouble connecting, but the phone skips, and sometimes silence for 20 s

way to receive silent text notifications during Not Disturb Mode iPhone

When I first started using my iphone's Do Not Disturb feature, I realized that if whenever I was

sms alarm be continuous until msg read iPhone

Hi,  I am on-call and the sms ring tone is max 40 secs. notification doesn't seem to work t

No sounds iPhone 4S

Hi .... I've got no sound on my 4s.. Can't make a call either.. I can recive a call but can&

iPhone 4s Music Won t Play

Hello, I just started having an issue with my iphone 4s.  It is not playing music.  I

iPhone Hacked

Hey everyone I hope someone out there can help me figure this out... I was on facebook via the

No sound iPhone 4S

Hi, I've got no sounds at all from my phone, I've tried to reset my phone & other wa

Stop phone vibrating when receiving emails in silent mode iPhone

If you go to the sounds menu, there's a button at the top to turn vibrate on or off during sile

Loss Of Text Alert iPhone 4s

Hi,     My dad das an iphone 4s and some time in the last 2 weeks he has stopped

Maps app on iPhone 5 with iOS 7.1 not announcing directions with sound turned on

My Maps app has stopped announcing directions. iphone 5, iOS 7.1 with latest updates. Location servi

Updated to iOS 7.1 and now phone only vibrates no ringer anymore. Volume all way up on ringer iPhone

Newest update of iOS has taken out ringer. sounds still work individually. Ringer is turned all the

iPhone 4S shutting down after iOS7 and support from Apple Chat

So, my iphone is shutting down suddenly with battery at about 40% and saying that it ran out of juic

Sounds stopped working only vibrates. iPhone

iphone 4S is not making any sounds for alerts on messages, voicemails, etc... Since last update to I