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bent iphone 5

one broken pin in s card reader matter iPhone 5s

Usally, i treat phones like pets, you stay with them right until it's their time, in phone cases

My iPhone 5 has bent top frame

Hi all, I have a black & slate iphone 5, and it has a massive bent / bumped parton the

My iPhone bent iPhone 5

Hi Everyone, My iphone body is bent from nearly middle part.And my coverage is over. So, a

Help me iPhone 5s

Dear Sir/Madam3 month ago, i face a problem concerning my iphone 5 handset for my wife birthday. Wit

Bent iPhone iPhone 4S

They will sell you an out of warranty replacement or you can buy a new iphone: f you own an iPh

iphone 5 not updating battery percentage and rebooting frequently

iphone 5, frame bent by my son.  lcd cracked. removed hardware and installed entire phone into

my iPhone 4S smashed I was able to retrieve S card but I understand it only contains phone number etc. way of retrieving my music contacts photos calendar or notes phone still turns on but bent.

my iphone 4S is smashed, I was able to retrieve the SIM card but I understand it only contains phone

out of warranty-iPhone 5 Slate

I am currently having issues with my iphone 5 slate. I had a nasty accident with my phone which has

Charger Port Replacement iPhone 4

The pieces of my charger port on my iphone 4 are bent and broken, is there any way i can get it repl

Iphone 5s damage

I have recently purchased iphone 5s. After a few weeks it fell from my hand accidentally from a very

Iphone 5s accident

I am one of your regular and  loyal customers. I have recently purchased iphone 5s. After a few

frame of my iPhone 5 bent

Hi guys, I have an iphone 5, and I got my phone 8 month ago.  Few days ago, I took off my case

damaged port iPhone 5

I went to go charge my i phone 5 and my charging port has an obstruction in it.  I can fit my c

What's wrong with my screen iPhone 5

I dropped my iphone 5 a few days ago and the casing bent back a little bit. The screen appears to be

y would an iphone 5s bend

i have a iphone 5s and it bent asnd it will shut down ever so often frezing then not working and bei

Broken i-Phone 5 under 1 year warranty. Support center didn't replace it iPhone 5

You bent the phone. That's physical damage (abuse). The warranty does NOT cover accidental damag

I dropped my 5S iPhone 5s

Hello,  I dropped my 5S and bent the mid frame bezel aluminum part, I need to replace it, but c

I dropped my iphone 5c and back casing bent away from actual screen. anyway this part of phone can be replaced and by whom should i get it done by

If you have any suggestions please comment. Thank you for your time.

smashes and bent iPhone iPhone 5s

I have an iphone 5s and i dropped it off my friends balcony and it a curb. the frame is bent and the

Iphone 5s Headphone jack bent

Hi, I bought an iphone 5s Spae grey 32GB unlocked from the apple store and after a day when i starte