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iPhone blue dot icon

Blue screen on iphone 5S

After upgrading to newest iOS, my 5S sound stop working.So I took it to a near by apple store, they

Cannot download pictures to my laptop iPhone 5

I used to plug in my iphone and the iphone icon would appear  in My Computer and that was it. P

Blue Screen iPhone 5s

My Iphone 5s is switching off and then a blue screen appears. Then it is difficult to swith on my ph

why my iPhone 4 have blue tint around edges

I just changed my cracked screen. It was fine at first when i first turned it on after putting it in

need help locating an app iPhone 3G

somehow my phone got disabled for an hour and everything got erased. And i dont have back up on my c

iphone 5 will not charge

I've had my iPhone 5 for a little less than a year. Up until last night the device has been

Lost Your Notes or Deleted Notes Default Account iPhone 3G


My movie icon disappeared from my Apple TV screen. I can t watch my movies on my Apple TV iPhone 3G

My movie icon disappeared from my Apple TV screen. I can't watch my movies on my Apple TV

IPhone 5s get blue screen crash during restore in both recovery and DFU mode

Recently purchased a damaged iphone 5s and after replacing the screen and battery I turned it on and

I have problem with my iphone 4 not as icon when page updated on internet as I can take away because I feel internet spent

I need Help please

theres no FACETIME option in my iphone 5s from Dubai UAE now using it in india.

Hello there i'm using iphone 5s from last week which is purchased from Dubai. and i'm using

Blue screens and replacing phone iPhone 5s

Are there any hardware related reasons that would make one iPhone 5S more prone to blue screens than

My iPhone 5 doesn t have FaceTime

When My iPhone 5 started to use IOS 7.1... FaceTime doesn´t exist. No icon, No App,Nothing....

my iphone shows it's charging with lightning bolt icon but battery in phone doesn't change iPhone 5

I plug the phone into charge and the phone shows it's charging but the battery percentage and ba

I have thick blue line running across my screen when click onto my apps how I fix iPhone 4S

How to fix

iMessage not working only green sms balloons iPhone

I've been having this problem for a few weeks now: 99% of my text are going to other iPhones as

Drops of boiled water got to iphone 5s

some boiled water fell on my bag and got to the iphone5s; the drops didn't fall directly into th

Using Whatsapp gives BSOD iPhone 3G

I have an iPhone 5s, with iOS v 7.1.1. Whenever I open whatsapp, I seem to be getting the blue Scree

I was updating new OS with itune after my IPhone showing itune icon and usb connect icon. it not starting. iPhone 4S

I was updating new OS with itune to my Iphone 4S. it stuck in mid and showing itune and usb connect

My iPhone 5 display gone I can see series of white vertical lines on screen Help

Hi all, the display on my iPhone suddenly started showing a series of white lines on all over the sc