Unlock iPhone

there is a blue stripe running down my iphone

iPhone 5 jailbroken keeps restarting

This has been bothering me for weeks. My jailbroken iphone 5,running iOS 7.0.4 randomly restarts ( c

my iPhone 4s locked and its running on male voice.its running on command mode.i am not accessing my iPhone

my i phone 4s is locked and its running on male voice.its running on command mode.i am not accessing

How your fix Iphone 5 32g will not pass apple logo in boot up

I plug in my iphone 5 to the charger cube and all my phone does is turn on with the apple logo. Then

iPhone 5 running iOS 7.1 self-launches applications

Since upgrading my iphone 5 to iOS 7.1 I have been experiencing 2 strange issues:1 - When plugged in

Springboard crash iPhone 5

Has anyone experienced a springboard crash on their iphone 5 running ios 7.1? I was scrolling thru m

why won't my phone connect to my pc when another iphone will iPhone 4S

my wife has an iphone 4s as do Imy phone will connect to our ASUS laptop pc and itunes without any p

Twice in last week my Earthlink email accounts have been hacked. situation was elevated to Earthlink senior technical. In conversation with senior technical it was mentioned Apple admitted to SSN problem. Please discuss. iPhone 5

My Earthlink email accounts have been hacked twice in the last week - accounts that we run on two iP

Texting probs iPhone

In the iphone to iphone texts, the messages are no longer blue but green. Also, when I send a text,

my phone turning to apple screen then going blue then back to apple screen. iPhone 5C

my phone is repetitively going from apple screen to blue screen what do I do?

No blue tooth connection after ios upgrade iPhone 4S

My iphone 4s does not find any bluetooth devices after upgrading from ios6 to ios7.  I've t

typing shortcuts not working on iphone 4s running iOS 6

any one else has this issue?

iPhone 4S Wifi drops when Idle Lockscreen

Hello everyone! Whenever I lock my iphone, my Wifi stops after a few minutes.I won't receiv

sms alarm be continuous until msg read iPhone

Hi,  I am on-call and the sms ring tone is max 40 secs. notification doesn't seem to work t

i cannot open screen blue box appearing when i touch screen say me how to open lock screen iPhone 5

i cannot open the screen,a blue selection box is appearing when i touch the screen,say me how to ope

my iphone 5s showing blue color on screen after i update iOS7 and still not openinghow to fix it please let me

please help me to fix my iphone 5s?after i update ios7 screen showing blue color and not opening.

screen turned black and blue iPhone 4S

i dropped my phone today from not that high and the screen turned black with blue lines all over it

my iPhone 5s fail recovery.

in middel of recovery the iphone stop recovery and the iphone screen turns to a blue screen.he do th

why some email have blue dot not allow me to open particularly if it return email iPhone 5s

My new iphone 5S has my work email on it and when I send a message and then get a response I cannot

IOS 7 Grey Wifi Blue tooth-How to fix iPhone 4S

i would like to share with you how i fixed my iphone 4s after ios 7.0.4 update and lose of wifi, blu

Ok so I purchased 3 tv EPs off my iPhone and they showed up in my purchases and they took my cash so why it keep telling me 's an error down loading it all 3 say it then I click retry and it same it's been 3 months since buying them.

Ok so I purchased 3 tv EPs off my iphone and they showed up in my purchases and they took my cash so