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broken iphone screen cant type in pass code


Rajesh Kumar <rajesh.kumar1978@gmail.com> Apr 14 (9 days ago)  to services.cp, service.cp

When I force quit all my apps phone sits in force quit screen. Why doesn t it automatically return to home iPhone 3G

Press the home button or just sit and look at the empty app tray. Those are your choices.

Before I got my Iphone 5 I used to be able to dbl. clk.

Before I got my I phone 5, a friend showed me this iphone help for my phone when it started acting o

I smashed my iPhone 5c screen black and unresponsive but it still glows. Can I just get screen replaced or I need to get new phone all together

Help, I need to know if I need to buy a new phone or just replace the screen

Would you buy used iPhone 4S you has been dropped few times

A friend, who's quite the businessman, wants to sell me his 2-year old iphone 4S. He's dropp

Fuzzy iphone 4 screen

So about an hour ago i experienced "the white screen of death." I have problems with my power button

Started iOS 7.1.1 update on iPhone 5s phone hung What to

Just updated my Macbook Air, my wifes Macbook Air, my iPad Mini gen 2 without any problems. I starte

Iphone 5 facetime front camera

Hello good day. Am I the only one experiencing the dark side of the front cam during facetime? 

i walked out of school and was trying to get on my phone but it would not come on.It was just black screen so when i got home and put it on charger it keep vibrating but still showed black screen.I tried to restart it i called apple and everything iPhone

i walked out of school and i was trying to get on my phone but it would not cut on.It was just a bla

how i transfer text messages to my mac iPhone

I'm just wondering if there is a way to somehow get my text messages from my iphone 5 into a doc

Replacement iPhone 4

Does anyone know how much I would pay for an iphone 4 if I took my broken one into Apple as a part e

Detached screen iPhone 5C

I threw my iphone 5c across the room now the screen is detached from the back part completely. The b

how to fix iPhone 5 if horizontal line

i would like to ask you on my iphone 5 thre line on the screen horizontal line

My iphone disabled it saying to connect to itunes but when i it still wont let me type my pin into it please help iPhone 5

Please help my phone wont let me type in my password and when connected to itunes it wont let me typ

my phone wont stop gliching after i did last update on it how can i fix my problem iPhone 5

I bought my phone used already but there was nothing wrong with it when i activated it. Ever since i


Got a screen crack replaced, now apple service center refuses to attend to camera repair saying it w

Viber Activation Code preventing me from using my iPhone

@ViberTeam Hi there,  I have been using Viber on my iphone 4S for a while. Today, sud

iOS 7 Spotlight and delete Apps broken iPhone 3G

RESET DEVICEHold down the Sleep/Wake button and the home button together until the apple logo appear

iPhone 4 has black box around an app when you touch it. It won t allow you to swipe to bottom of settings feature to reset factory settings

Please help with this.  There is a box in the upper right corner that has 3 circles inside it.&

Replacing cracked screen of iPhone 5s

My daughter's iphone 5s screen cracked.  It's only 4 months old and I'm just wonder