Unlock iPhone

bypass comcast activation page dns

please help me to activate my iphone 4 softbank iphone for now I am just in activation only mode please help me for activation iphone 4

please help me to activate my iphone 4 softbank, iphone for now I am just in the activation only mod

Apple ID lock on iPhone 5c

I have an iPhone 5c that is Apple ID locked meaning I can not activate it unless I get the info from

My phone can not active iPhone 4S

The SIM card that you currently have installed in this iPhone is from a carrier that is not supporte

activation problem of my iPhone 4s. I have invoice and every thing about this device. 100 we purchaise this device. Even we forgot setup new iphone apple id. So please help us how we can activat this device.

activation problem of my i phone 4s. I have invoice and every thing about this device. 100% we purch

Comcast not allow me to use iCloud to sync my iPhone . An apple genius gave me special DNS server to allow syncing. did not work at home. So I used secure proxy server outside US and then was able to sync. iPhone 5s

comcast claims that are not blocking ports.  Technically from what I understand they are not.&#

iPhone 5 restore Error 1

To Whom It May Conern, I recieved an iPhone from a friend recently (iPhone 5) with a shattered

I am transferring to iPhone 5s from my 4s and I lost my activation guide so all my messages are sending from my email and not my number. How i fix this

Please help. I can not call anyone and i can not text anyone that does not have an iPhone and I real

hungarian t-mobil not offer visual voicemail your page httpsupport.apple.comkbht1937 incorrect iPhone

hungarian t-mobil does not offer visual voicemail, your page http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1937 is i

my iphone got switched with someone elses icloud account

somehow my iphone got linked to someone elses icloud account now when i try resetting to factory set

How can I disable update notification on games or apps iPhone 3G

So every time i open clash of clans i get this update notification it reads   Update is av

iPhone 4S

Hey any1 please help!! I'm having a problem with my iPhone 4s.. My app icons are hidden mainly m

iPhone to iPod issues

First time poster on here so hopefully I can make sense! I upgraded to a new iPhone a few weeks

Imessage FaceTime stuck on waiting for activation after iOS 7.1 upgrade iPhone 5

Hi All I am unable to use my number for imessage or FaceTime after upgrading to iOS 7.1I have g

hi iPhone 5

I restored my iphone 5 , but i can't actvate it , because i forgot my icloud details that linked

Why Doodle windows generate an error message in Safari on iPhone pointing to apple.suppoort.com iPhone 4S

When Safari launches a Doodle.com web scheduling window an error message appears stating the need to

iPhone Hacked

Hey everyone I hope someone out there can help me figure this out... I was on facebook via the

i cant activate my imessage or facetime it just says 'waiting for activation' iPhone 5

its really annoying, it worked fine before i had a sim swap

How I force zoom out of web page on iPhone 4S

Everything usually works fine when I browse through sites on my iPhone, but there's this ONE web

Ok so I purchased 3 tv EPs off my iPhone and they showed up in my purchases and they took my cash so why it keep telling me 's an error down loading it all 3 say it then I click retry and it same it's been 3 months since buying them.

Ok so I purchased 3 tv EPs off my iPhone and they showed up in my purchases and they took my cash so

apple iphone 4s after update 7.1 it will not activated

Hi   my iphone 4s after update into 7.1 .the phone is showing the network ,  it alway