Unlock iPhone

cable is not certified with this phone

crapy new update crashed my phone and lost ALL my pics way of eating them back iPhone 4S

the crapy new update crashed my phone and lost ALL my pics,is there any way of eating them back

iPhone 4s froze

My iPhone 4s is froze with a black screen and Apple logo. Runs this way until battery is depleted. N

Searching with no ICCID iPhone 5s

My 5s iphone loose connectivity for long periods of time(up to 7-10 hours).  During this time t

how i get my iphone out of recovery mode without having to restore it iPhone 5

My iphone is in recovery mode and i cant get it out of it without having to restore it and i dont wa

ios update problem urgent help needed iPhone 5C

after trying to update the newest version of ios my iphone 5c says to connect to itunes however i ca

iOS to Android. Now I can t group message. iPhone

Hi, so I upgraded from an iPhone4 to a Note 3 and now I can't recieve group messages. At first I

iphone to android swap no group txt

I've already done that. Did not help. Apparently, the iMessage is linked (in most cases) to your

iPhone 5C purchased

I have an iPhone 4 and just bought the 5C and I can't seem to figure out how to transfer everyth

Switched from Apple to Android can t receive texts from iPhone s don t have iPhone serial to begin Apple Support.

I recently got an Android phone and traded in my iPhone.  I didn't disable iMessage before

My iphone frozen on screen says Itunes with pic of charger. This was after i accepted system update what i

My Iphone 4 is frozen.  It told me I had a system update.  When i clicked on the system up

i keep losing my phone's signal iPhone 5

Hi,I'm having problems with my iPhone 5 it keep losing the calling signal, but not the 3G signal

my phone needs to be restored but asking for my original apple id which i dont will not let me access iPhone 5

my iphone needs to be restored , its asking for my original apple id and password which i dont know

Black iPhone 4 screen Home Button broken not show up in iTunes

A long time ago my iPhone 4 home button broke. So I installed the on-screen home button which is inc

My iPhone 5 battery dies between 20-30 I've had phone since October 2013 HELP

I've had many IPhones, I brought my iPhone 5 the middle of October last year. The battery was fi

iPhone 5s won't charge unless it's connected to an outlet. I'm using cord Apple sent with phone it happens at work and at home will connect to iTunes just won't charge.

Not sure why my phone won't charge unless it's plugged into an outlet.  Computer says u

iphone 5s wont turn on after IOS update

this morning my phone was ready for the new IOS update. Everything was going fine and it updated as

i need to send my phone back where i send it iPhone 5

dose anybody know the address to send a phone back to apple?

My iphone disabled when i connect to itunes it still doesnt work because phone wont let me type my password in iPhone 5

My iphone is disabled when i connect to itunes it still wont let me type my password in?

i bought iphone 5s from this cell phone shop game shop iPhone 5

Take it back to the shop and get a refund.There is nothing you can do with out previous owner's

Loss of Carrier Signal iPhone 4S

I have an Iphone 4s been using it for 18 months;  Last week it started dropping it's carrie