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iPhone Calendar on ISo 7

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Trying to get my iphone calendar to download events calendared to my macbook pro's calendar. the

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Hi,I came yesterday to Cairo, and surprisingly the iPhone didn't automatically adjust to correct

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Recently, I lost all events on my Iphone, and can't even add an event, but it shows on my mini-p

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I just noticed today that my calendar suddenly erased all my entries, and I'm now unable to ente

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Can I transfer my data from my android phone(Samsung infuse) to an iPhone I.e my calendar ,pics and

My iphone keeps logging me out of my icloud account by it self and I have to log back on and turn everything back on. iPhone 4S

My iphone keeps logging me out of my icloud account and every time it does I have to turn everything

software update factor iPhone 4

hello,i just did the lastest software update on my phone (also on my ipad).  there was no issue

IOS 7 update on an iPhone now textimessage issues

We just updated my husband's iphone 5 to IOS 7.  We share an apple ID.  We've neve

Soft Reset Deleted Exchange from Phone iPhone

The other day, my wife handed me her iPhone 5 and said, "Email's acting weird, can you do someth

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New to Iphone. Just purchased a calendar app and downloaded to my computer but cannot find how to ge

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How to retrieve calendar and photos from I cloud

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Still not good my iphone 5s battary charging lifewith out using charge finish.PLzzz  I m used t

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I have a 4S and will be buying a new phone shortly. My contacts over the years have duplicated over

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Is there a setting to get calendar in ios 7 to open to the current date. Mine seems hit or miss.

Mary iPhone 5

My iphone 5 won't let me add any events to my calendar. Why is that?

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Is there any way to make a suggestion of an added feature to the Repeat menu in Reminders and Calend

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All my calendar has disappeared since update! Help!

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After installing iOS 7 and all the latest update by using iTunes on my iPhone 4 I now have the probl

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I am looking to recover texts from my old iphone from Feb-March of 2013.  I have been searching

My calendar on my iPhone 5c missing dates. date in calendar but not on my list. It will not let me schedule anything on May 6 I saw few other random dates like . advice

My calendar on my iPhone 5c is missing dates and won't let me schedule for this dates.  Any