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i need help with my phone the back is craked my screen wont respond and it doesnt connect to interne

I could not connect my iphone to my laptop iPhone 5

Hi,I am trying since two days to connect my iphone 5 to my laptop but Icould not, I uninstalled the

Back case Model A1429-Regulatory Model A1428 why it not same iPhone 5

I newly purchased iPhone 5 , could not connect to LTE . While visiting the wireless service provider

I have an Iphone 4s and it locked and disabled. It says connect to Itunes but I no longer have pc it backed up to how can I restore it

please help! I need my phone!

it quite common for not being able to connect to wifi on iphone 4s

Having issues with the hardware in the 4s iphone. This has been the  second time of not being a

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my wife has an Iphone 4s as do Imy phone will connect to our ASUS laptop pc and itunes without any p

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I am moving my daughter's old iPhone 4 to my daughter. There is a four digit code, but I do

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My iphone can not charge. when I connect to wireless charging it difficult to connect. I think my ip

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My phone will not connect with charging cable unless I wiggle it,,what can I do?

updating my software n iphone 5-it said it could not update as has older itunes. downloaded latest one but now my phone stuck in recovery mode when i connect to itunes i get told i must restore my iphone but it want to trat it as new pho

Any help would be really nice please updating my software n iphone 5 - it said it could not upd

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I have tried many times to download songs that I have purchased from from iTunes to my phone through

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   I've spent hours searching the internet for a solution to my problem but nothing ha

I have tried to update my iPhone 5c and it stuck on connect to iTunes I have tried turning it off and then back on and it will not work. iTunes not seem to detect it while it plugged in.

I have tried to update my phone and it is stuck on "connect to iTunes" I have plugged it up to the w

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i searched on thousands blogs and nothing. Iphone 5s bought it last week from usa and my friend brou

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Hello folks, I am trying to build a new ios app on xcode and i have a doubt of how to integrate

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In Settings, the iPhone comes with the option to download Twitter, facebook, Vimeo and Flickr. I do

iPhone could not be synced because sync session failed to start

Received the error multiple times. Decided to retore from backup Apple reintialtized phone

My 2yr old nephew has diabled my iphone 5. It says connect to itunes but when I connect it to itunes it says you need to enter your passcode on device. So I forced my iphone 5 into recovery mode and it says unknown error occured 3194 . Someone help

My iphone has been disabled and I tried to restore by forcing it into recovery as it kept on saying

Bluetooth not connecting iPhone 5

My iphone 5 will not connect to my Polar H7 heart rate monitor or anything else...is this a general