Unlock iPhone

how do i contact vf nl on iphone

Burnt hand cracked screen. iPhone 5s

Hi...I have an iphone 5s which is 6 months old. For the past 2 days I noticed the handset was gettin

iMessage suddenly stopped working iPhone

If someone could please help me figure out how to get my iMessages back I would be VERY greatful.

iMessaging iPhone 4S

I'm having some problems on my phone with iMessaging.  Is it possible to have iMessaging be

Contacts not updating iPhone 5

I had deleted contacts from my iphone because I wanted to hide them as they were Facebook contacts w

Apple Faulty Warranty iPhone 4S

Recently we returned our brand new iphone 4s to Apple, issue being that is wasn't charging prope

my phone could not be activated beacause activation server temporarily unavailable .try connecting your phone to itunes to activate it or ty again in couple of minutes . if problem presists contact apple support . what shoud i iPhone 5s

i forgot my phone passode so i used track my phone to restart as your instructions said and i am get

My iPhone 5c Screen Scratches Easily

I got my iphone 5c a week ago today. I feel like the screen is alot worse than my old 4. My 4 never

What's wrong with my phone iPhone 5s

Once in a while when I text my phone will start typing on it's own or pulling down the info bar

Good afternoon I bought my iphone 5s A1533 Apple Store on 5th ave NY for use in Brazil now not working program restores contact Apple Brazil I was informed I send iphone to NY store what should I

The warranty is only good in the country of original purchase. You would have to get the iphone

Found iPhone iPhone 5s

Imagine my surprise as I walked along the (quite deserted) beach this weekend as I uncovered an iPho

My iPhone 5 constantly has issues picking up chargers.

Hey, I currently own an Energizer charger that has been working for almost a year now. In the p

Retrieve contacts verizon backup assistant iPhone 3G

iphone 4, iOS 6.?, not synced with iTunes, only used vzw app-backup assistant (I know I shoulda been

it possible for me to get an Extra UICC card iPhone 5s

Hello, I contacted Virgin Mobile to see if it was possible to get an extra UICC card via Twitter and

I have an iphone 5. Every time I go to save number it WILL NOT save. When i go to my contacts its . But when person texts me it comes up their regular number. it doesnt show name. help

with everyone elses contact it saves. but with this contact it saves but when someone texts me it ju

iphone 5 sprint unlock international

hii have sprint iphone 5 locked sprint carrier i contact with sprint support to unlock but they told

I cant purchase Clash of Clans gems. iPhone 3G

The app said: Your Purchase Could Not  Be Completed  and can not contact itunes store

Why won t my contact picture show in Find My Friends App iPhone 3G

I have tried everthing I know to get my picture to show on 'Find My Friends' app. All e

so i purchased an iphone 5s online i live in mexico and when i got it turns out phone icloud locked what can i i must say phone verizon.

so i purchased an iphone 5s online (i live in mexico) and when i got it turns out the phone is iclou

Who should I contact to unlock s on my iphone thx

Who should I contact to unlock sim on my iphone .. thx

iMessage little issue Need ideias iPhone

Hi guys how are you? So i have a little issue with iMessage The service is working for alm