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how do i contact vf nl on iphone


Rajesh Kumar <rajesh.kumar1978@gmail.com> Apr 14 (9 days ago)  to services.cp, service.cp

I just got call from someone whom I had blocked. How did this happen iPhone

With iOS 7 I created a contact title "Spam." I then blocked this contact. Anytime I get a call from

I can not receive or send text messages iPhone

I cant send/recieve messages from friends and family, unless they have the iphone.  This is ext

I am having trouble receiving both iMessage and SMS texts. My provider said to contact Apple else having this problem iPhone

I am having trouble receiving both iMessage and SMS texts.  My provider, AT&T said to conta

Where Verify link iPhone 3G

" Please verify the contact email address for your Apple ID " Where is the verify link ?!

contacting apple iPhone 4S

what can i do to contact apple for getting my iphone repaired?

iPhone SMSiMessage search doesn t work on IOS 7

Hi, Finally today after many doubts I moved to the new iphone version, for my surprise I found out t

My phone can not active iPhone 4S

The SIM card that you currently have installed in this iphone is from a carrier that is not supporte

i have restored my iphone 4 and i want my app contact and other things back on my device

i have restored my iphone 4 and i want my app, contact and other things back on my device and what t

Contacts issue when messaging iPhone

When starting a new message, I type the contact name in, and it shows multiple numbers, even though

iphone sync Outlook contact categories iPhone 5s

Does iphone sync Outlook contact categories?

will apple tell my insurance my iphone broken iPhone 5s

My iphone has been playing up and eventually stopped working for unseen circumstances, i went to the

Iphone 5 Broken Pins

I had the same issue. My iphone five pins had broken. 2 pins. I went into the store and they wouldn&

Back case Model A1429-Regulatory Model A1428 why it not same iPhone 5

I newly purchased iphone 5 , could not connect to LTE . While visiting the wireless service provider

Iphone 5s changed current iCloud to 4 iCloud

So I had an iphone 4 and I changed my apple ID because I couldn't access the email (hotmail acco

Can t make in app purchases but can buy an app in app store iPhone 3G

I can't make any in app purchases, when I want to there will always be a message that call me to

How I contact my administrator iPhone 5C

I was ridiculed by other Apple customers on this forum, most notably Gail from Maine.  I was ev

one contact not showing on sms ID iPhone

I have deleted the contact, readded the contact but cant get his name to appear when he texts me or

How I get my 3G to work iPhone 5

I have been having trouble with my 3G to work on my iphone 5 and people have been telling me to cont

Why I cant buy In-App Purchases with iTunes Gift Card iPhone

Why I can't buy In-App Purchases such as (Gems in Clash of Clans) or (Crystal in LINE Cookie Run