Unlock iPhone

how to decline calls on ios 7

my iphone 4 microphone isnt working

ive tried restarting my iphone 4, when on phone calls a high pitched noise comes from the microphone

Why my phone drop calls iPhone 5C

i dont know if i should take my iphone to the apple store but. my phones been dropping calls despite

my ringtone will not play when I receive calls iPhone 5C

Any ideas? I have check my "do not disturb" and settings

My screen went black. But if I hold down Siri button it will responded. something I can try or let batterie die iPhone 5

My screen went black. Siri will responded when I hold the button and will make my phone calls. How d

I iPhone 5s GSM A1533 will not support LTE in Japan. But mean it cannot function for calls 3G or anything at all

I will be moving to Japan at the end of July, and I really don't want to sign up for a new contr

I have had my I have had my iPhone 5c for little over month and people can never hear me during calls like I'm in tunnel or muffled I googled this issue and several others have had this problem as well. What can I to get help

I have had my I have had my iPhone 5c for a little over a month and people can never hear me during

Iphone screen broke. Doesn't even light up. changed phone but i still get iMessages on iphone and not on my new phone. How can i deactivate totally my iphone to receive old iMessages on my blackberry

High people! My iphone screen recently broke, and it doesn't even light up. The whole thing stil

Dear Sir i have problem in my Iphone 5 during receiving calls always appeare message error in application occurred please call support quoting error code 2907. I need to solve my problem

Dear Sir, i have problem in my Iphone 5 that during receiving any calls always appeare message that

Iphone speaker not working while making or receiving calls iPhone 5

Pl help me out.

This Cant Happen Or Can It iPhone 5

Have a white iphone 5 and i must have had these messages from it well over 60 times tonight The phon

My calls are going straight to voicemail without ringing iPhone

iPhone 4 not ringing

i m not getting decline option for some phone numbers iPhone

hi..i'm vamshi. i use an i phone 4 . my problem is whan i get a phone call from one number it is

My iphone 5 will not play audio thru my Kia optima radio

I previously had an iPhone 4s which paired and played just beautifully with my 13 Kia using the USB

Specific IMEI status-don t understand message iPhone

I have a client who did a bit of swapping of her iPhones as she was going out of country. She had an

Change from paid account to free account iPhone 3G

Hi there . Recently i cant update apps or download any because it ask me to verify my apple id and a

iphone 3gs unable to receive call and text but am able to send same

I have just changed over from amaysim prepaid to Aldi prepaid and took my number my new account is c

not receiving calls iPhone 4

Hi, I requested to unlock my iphone 4, got confirmation email, connected it to itunes, restored as n

not ring halve time for in coming calls. iPhone

does ring with 'not available' or 'on thephone'  when she is next to me

my iphone stopped giving ring tone on receiving in coming calls. callers tell me my phone goes immediately to voicemail. i cannot figure out how to rectify this problem. HELP

my iphone suddenly stopped making ring tone on in coming calls.  callers tell me that my phone