Unlock iPhone

How do you delete cities on the weather app and iOS 7

I ve tried deleting song from iPhone . . .

...By swiping the title of the song, but it won't budge. When I try swiping it, the title shows

Apple Faulty Warranty iPhone 4S

Recently we returned our brand new Iphone 4s to Apple, issue being that is wasn't charging prope

How can i delete previous email on my iphone 5s

I locked my iphone 5s and restored it but it won't fully restore until I enter my email but when

My iPhone

My iPhone suddenly doesn't work for the for the original apps that are related to Apple. Such as

Hello I have iPhone 4 I have lot of iTunes Radio stations I would like to delete station. How would I delete station

I need help

My game keeps crashing iPhone 3G

ITT: Game keeps closingI recently bought something in a game called Elements: Epic Heroes (on a diff

I bought two songs on itunes on my pc and i now need to delete them from my phone. please help. iPhone 3G

i bought 2 songs on iTunes on my pc, and i had them synced onto my phone, i found different versions

Storage full iPhone

My iPhone shows a message that there's no enough storage! I need some space for the camera roll

delete email contacts iPhone

How to delete email contacts?

Game center data server delete iPhone 3G

Hi,I've installed Boom. Beach on iPad but did not realize something had happened and logged me o

Lost Your Notes or Deleted Notes Default Account iPhone 3G


How to delete content from old iPhone

Hi. My problem is a bit complex, I would say. I have just bought a new iPhone and sold my old iPhone

App upload stuck in waiting mode Help iPhone 3G

A few weeks ago I updated an app (for faculty/students of a university by which I'm employed). I

photo stream iPhone 4S

How do I delete photos from photo stream? I can delete from my photo stream but not from photo strea

Damaged LCD screen apparently due to Pressure in 5S iPhone 5s

I had bought my iPhone 5S the very first day it was launched in India. Now, the problem is that last

Photo Albums iPhone 3G

Can someone tell me how I can get rid of the photo's I have synced for my Wallpapers in my "Rece

I accidentally backed up my new iphone to my moms icloud account she s currently using. If i erase all content it erase everything on her phone also or just off phone using

So i just bought a new iphone and was trying to back it up onto my computer. I accidentally backed i

What happens if I go to settings and tap Reset All Settings iPhone 5C

Hi, I was wondering what would happen if I went to settings and tapped "Reset All settings". I want

When I get text message it shows up at top of my screen and shows I have one on my my home screen but when I go into my messages nothing .iPhone 4s

I'll get a text and see the banner at the top of the screen, then it also has the notification n

I have my daughters email on my new iPhone5c. How I separate them.

I used to have an iPhone4. I keep my daughters email on my phone so I can address emails for her whe