Unlock iPhone

How do I delete an iCloud account without knowing my password for it

I ve tried deleting song from iPhone . . .

...By swiping the title of the song, but it won't budge. When I try swiping it, the title shows

my account verified iPhone 3G

is my account verified?

my iphone

My sone accidentally typed the wrong password several times into my iphone and now everything is era

I just got my new iphone . I successfully signed in my apple account by i have an issue with my icloud. It took my email but password incorrect. apple account email just same with icloud email

I just got my new iphone. I successfully signed in my apple account by i have an issue with my iclou

I forogt my security answers and i didnt recieve email iPhone 5s

I forgot my security answers and i follow the instruction i put my email but the password was wrong!

How can i delete previous email on my iphone 5s

I locked my iphone 5s and restored it but it won't fully restore until I enter my email but when

she get my iMessages iPhone

I gave my friend my Apple ID log in information a while back so that she can read a book in my iBook

Hello I have iPhone 4 I have lot of iTunes Radio stations I would like to delete station. How would I delete station

I need help

How I stop my contacts saving on 2 different iPhone s iPhone 5

I use the same apple account on 2 different iPhones.... How can I stop my contacts from saving on bo

No service iPhone 5

I just received my unlocked i phone 5 from a shop. I put an sim kort from Lebara company in Denmark

i have an iphone 4 s which has been locked out iPhone 4S

i have an i phone 4s and have forgotten the pin code for it. i have now entered the wrong code to ma

Where to see for what I have been charged money for iPhone 3G

I downloaded yesterday some new apps, but those were all free. Today I see from my bank account that

Can I switch game data to new Game Center account iPhone 3G

Hi everyone I have a problem with syncing a game called Clash of Clans to Game center. My

my apple id and password missing iPhone 3G

what do you mean they are "missing"?

Can't Activate iPhone 4S

I can't activate my iPhone 4S.  It asks for the original owner's Apple ID and password

How you back up your iphone iPhone 4S

Can anyone tell me how to back up my iphone on icloud/itunes which ever so I can save my info and sa

how to get icloud backup on new iphone 5c

I got a new iphone 5c today.  I backed up my old iphone 4 on icloud but now I don't know ho

So I went into my app Store to update my apps and it says my apple id has been disabled. I have reset my password but it still not work. What can I iPhone 5

This is for my Apple ID...

My game keeps crashing iPhone 3G

ITT: Game keeps closingI recently bought something in a game called Elements: Epic Heroes (on a diff

I tried to buy apple application but they take money from my account for nothing iPhone 3G

WHen i tried to buy application i get the answer that the payment method was falled and i get sms fr