Unlock iPhone

How do I delete an iCloud account without knowing my password for it

Instagram and twitter notification iPhone 3G

Hello, I have an iPhone 5 and since when I bought it (5 mounths ago) I see that my instagram and twi

How to delete only videos and pictures within an iMessage iPhone

On my iPhone, my messages take up almost 4GB of storage. I never delete my texts incase I need them.

How I change my apple ID email address on my phone iPhone

I recently changed my email address and password on my apple ID. I can access my Apple ID onlin

will apple send text saying someone has accessed their account iPhone

will apple send a text saying someone has accessed their account

my iphone got switched with someone elses icloud account

somehow my iphone got linked to someone elses icloud account now when i try resetting to factory set

Why Apple Store telling me to update billing info for free app iPhone 3G

Recently I changed my apple id AND password, now when I try to download free apps (and I tried with

i can not update or restore my ios device iPhone 5C

I have backed up my iphone 5c to icloud but it wont let me back it up to itunes  I need to save

Iphone 5 Broken Pins

I had the same issue. My iphone five pins had broken. 2 pins. I went into the store and they wouldn&

abo.zaed icloud.com iPhone 4S

Forgot password

can iPhone 5s security be unlocked iPhone 5C

can a stolen iphone 5s  have it's password bypassed even when it has been shut down by appl

How I change my old apple ID to my new one on imessenger. iPhone

How do I change my old apple ID to my new one on imessenger. Is asking me for my old password but it

Missing calendar in iCal iPhone 3G

I've been using my iCal calendar on my iPhone 5 for over a year now.  Our "family" calendar

Twice in last week my Earthlink email accounts have been hacked. situation was elevated to Earthlink senior technical. In conversation with senior technical it was mentioned Apple admitted to SSN problem. Please discuss. iPhone 5

My Earthlink email accounts have been hacked twice in the last week - accounts that we run on two iP

How can I unlock my password in different language iPhone 4

I had the password of my iPhone 4 in Arabic, but recently my sister deleted the Arabic Keyboard and

I got new iPhone 5c I'm updating from my old icloud address but it's still updating over 30 minutes now tat normal

I got the new iPhone 5c I'm updating from my old icloud address but it's still updating over

iPhone 5 won't download songs from iCloud or iTunes

I have tried many times to download songs that I have purchased from from iTunes to my phone through

My mum has gave me her iPhone 4s and I

Hi I have my mum old iPhone 4s and I need to unlock it so I can put my SIM card in to it and she has

my phone locked asking password iPhone 4

screen is locked asking for password?????

My iphone 4 doesn't work and I REALLY want my photos off of it

After having my phone for over 2 years, last night it stopped working. I had used it all day yesterd

Iphone 5s changed current iCloud to 4 iCloud

So I had an iPhone 4 and I changed my apple ID because I couldn't access the email (hotmail acco