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How do i undo ios updates to revert back to original

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To Whom It May Conern, I recieved an iphone from a friend recently (iphone 5) with a shattered

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When starting a new message, I type the contact name in, and it shows multiple numbers, even though

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i have just sold my iphone 4 i Erase All Content and Settings does that mean everything would have b

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So after iOS 7, I'm experiencing a lot of problems with my iphone 4 (8gb) with things like the s

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I subscribe to a podcast on my phone and on my computer (itunes).  I downloaded and listened to

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On my iphone in Photos I have albums of  - Camera Roll, My Photo Stream, Videos, Events, Faces

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Hi all, This question is not limited to iphone, it's also valid for all IOS products (iPod,

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Ive tried everything ive read on forums here but nothing seems to be working! I have also tried to r

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How do you delete music from iphone 5 some one help!!??!!

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Hello, I have an iphone 5 and since when I bought it (5 mounths ago) I see that my instagram and twi

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On my iphone, my messages take up almost 4GB of storage. I never delete my texts incase I need them.

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Hi,  How can we customize Control Center to add short cuts as user preferences. For example, I

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I've been using my iCal calendar on my iphone 5 for over a year now.  Our "family" calendar

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My daughter has some applications of her phone that want to delete... I have been able to get the ic

I cannot delete old account Apple ID what can I iPhone 5s

I cannot delete old account Apple ID what can I do