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deleting cities off the weather app ios 7.1

Problems Editing and deleting Label iPhone

Hi all, This question is not limited to iPhone, it's also valid for all IOS products (iPod,

My iPhone 5 stuck on searching for service

Ive tried everything ive read on forums here but nothing seems to be working! I have also tried to r

How to delete only videos and pictures within an iMessage iPhone

On my iPhone, my messages take up almost 4GB of storage. I never delete my texts incase I need them.

Deleting or Editing Custom Labels used to identify phone numbers iPhone

I want to delete or edit "custom labels" that I set up to better describe phone numbers in my contac

Why can't I delete texts from my iPhone 4S

I'm having issues deleting texts from my iPhone 4S.  When I try to delete them, it freezes

iMessage not working iPhone

As of today at about 3pm PST, my iMessage does not work on Wifi or 3G on my 4S.  Several of my

iPhone 5 keeps deleting some contacts

My iPhone 5 keeps deleting contacts and no matter how many times i re add them into my address book

Mail usage high 3 gigs after deleting ALL mail accounts iPhone 5C

I have a 4s.  My mail usage was 3.1G.  I need that space. I deleted all 3 mail accounts an

As 'new phone' how can you import ONLY SMS threads back onto iPhone iPhone 5C

Genius Bar has found several corrupted files within my phone. Ive tried everything from deleting ind

Bluetooth Problems Playing Music in Lexus CT 200h iPhone

After upgrading to iOS 7 on my iPhone 5s, I can no longer play music via bluetooth in my Lexus CT 20

s security threat on iPhone setting where thief can disable FindMyIphone app by simply deleting icloud. Can delete functionality be protected by passcode

There's a security threat on the iPhone setting where a thief can disable the FindMyIphone app b

Could not find cursor on dial pad to change number in between all i have to to key from begining can u pls suggest way to edit numbers on dial pad iPhone

Hi there sometimes if i key in wrong number on the dial pad it wont allow me to edit/change that int

How to update ios7.1 How to update ios7.1 iPhone 5

I want to update ios 7.1 into 7.4 but its not updating  before ios 7.1 i have 7.4 and have cydi

Why iPhone 5c display wrong time

My iphone 5c currently started displaying the wrong time. I hadnt updated the software yet and thoug


Hello Folks, I've updated my iphone 4 to ios 7.1 through iTunes. The update went fine, howe

iOS Publishing ERROR ITMS-9000 iPhone 3G

I'm really stressed out now with my error on publishing. I'm encountering these error. I'

hi iv bought new laptop and trying to set up my i tunes on it but my iPhone has been backed up an synced on another computer how i go about deleting old i tunes an start with new one iPhone 5

hi iv bought a new laptop an want to sycn my phone to the itunes,but it wont let me because iv got i

hi i own iphone 5 offten i got iritation because my kid deleting most of apps i installed without difficult. could apple update OS with password request also for deleting apps. if knows solution pls share.

hi, i own a iphone5, offten i got iritation because my kid deleting most of the apps i installed wit

I have pictures on my Iphone were previously downloaded on my computer and have now been reloaded on my phone and I cannot delete them. Please how to delete them I have tried everything and nothing works. iPhone 4S

I am having difficulty deleting previously removed photos.  I download 2000 photos onto my comp

I cannot update my apple id in iMessage on my iPhone after deleting my old apple id

Hi I am stuck in a circular trap.  I have had to update my Apple ID to a new one as I no l