Unlock iPhone

how to disable imessage without device

how to turn passcode off if not highlighted iPhone 5C

how do i disable the passcode lock if it is not highlighted on the phone?

When will be Cambodian Khmer Keyboard officially available in IOS iPhone

Suprisingly, there are many people using IOS product in Cambodia, But why IOS still haven't incl

Messages on iPhone 4 iOS 5.1.1 to Messages 8.0 on OSX Mavericks not working

Hello All, I have a very specific issue with my wifes iPhone 4 on iOS 5.1.1 using Messages to s

my iMessage only working with some iPhone s. Others are text messages on my phone and appear as message on my friends phone. I've tried resetting network but didn't work. suggestions iPhone 4S

My imessage is only working with some iPhones. Others are text messages on my phone and appear as me

Repair or Receive discount iPhone 5

I have an iPhone 5 16GB bought in the U.S. but is out of warranty and has technical problems. I'

unable to recieve texts from iphone s

I switched from apple to android and now I cant recieve texts from iphones. I have unregistered numb

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I recently bought a Samsung and was having issues recieving messages from friends with iphones. I re

What I should when my iphone 5 has an error code 31 in shown device manager of my laptop

My iphone 5 does not recognize as a personal device in my laptop however it is recognize in itunes a

will apple tell my insurance my iphone broken iPhone 5s

My iPhone has been playing up and eventually stopped working for unseen circumstances, i went to the

Now WiFi available on airlines can we have WiFi active but cellular turned off Trying to always connect to cell service from aircraft drains battery quickly iPhone 5s

I was just traveling, and the ailine was offering WiFi service. The iphone has an airplane mode whic

it possible to control custom usb device and custom transmission protocol by iPhone using Lightning iPhone 5

I have custom device, which I control by PC via USB. I want to control this device by iPhone using l

I started to backup from my iphone 5s following notice device gave. but it was unsuccessful and in first use I saw my iphone battery drains drastically. what should i now

I started to do a backup on my iphone 5s following a notice the device gave. but it was unsuccessful

I have problems with device I not what happens depends entirely iPhone 5s

I have problems with the device I do not know what happens depends entirely

How to delete only videos and pictures within an iMessage iPhone

On my iPhone, my messages take up almost 4GB of storage. I never delete my texts incase I need them.

How I change my apple ID email address on my phone iPhone

I recently changed my email address and password on my apple ID. I can access my Apple ID onlin

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So every time i open clash of clans i get this update notification it reads   Update is av

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Recently I changed my apple id AND password, now when I try to download free apps (and I tried with

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I have backed up my iphone 5c to icloud but it wont let me back it up to itunes  I need to save

Hard reset DFU recovery mode iPhone 4S

There are alot of ways people post on the internet on how to do this, sometmes that method is succes

iPhone 5S frozen screen

Ever since I bought my new iPhone 5S last January, either the screen or the buttons freeze on an alm