Unlock iPhone

how to disable noise cancellation iphone 5

iPhone 5 restore Error 1

To Whom It May Conern, I recieved an iphone from a friend recently (iphone 5) with a shattered

how to turn passcode off if not highlighted iPhone 5C

how do i disable the passcode lock if it is not highlighted on the phone?

iMessage issues iPhone

I recently bought a Samsung and was having issues recieving messages from friends with iphones. I re

my iphone 4 microphone isnt working

ive tried restarting my iphone 4, when on phone calls a high pitched noise comes from the microphone

What I should when my iphone 5 has an error code 31 in shown device manager of my laptop

My iphone 5 does not recognize as a personal device in my laptop however it is recognize in itunes a

Now WiFi available on airlines can we have WiFi active but cellular turned off Trying to always connect to cell service from aircraft drains battery quickly iPhone 5s

I was just traveling, and the ailine was offering WiFi service. The iphone has an airplane mode whic

How can I disable update notification on games or apps iPhone 3G

So every time i open clash of clans i get this update notification it reads   Update is av

My Iphone recently broke and I had to switch back to my old non-smart phone and I am currently not receiving messages from Iphone users using Imessage and I cannot log into my old Iphone to turn anything off from so how can I disable my number

Yeah bascially all in the title but I need to remove my number from imessage but I can not do that f

my cousin enabled voice over mode on my iphone 5s and my screen went blank and i cant disable it because it wont offer me general settings

Someone help

Sir my iphone disable i need help for enable . l pease help me

my iphone is disable i need help for enable.

iPhone 5-No sound via earpiece or headphones during call

Hello.I've purchased iP5 , with a problem - there was no sound via earpiece during the call. I&#

s security threat on iPhone setting where thief can disable FindMyIphone app by simply deleting icloud. Can delete functionality be protected by passcode

There's a security threat on the iphone setting where a thief can disable the FindMyIphone app b

My iphone shuts off randomly and button too sensitive. Like I don't even press lock button and it shuts off. This happened after 7.1 update. It's on iphone 5.

My iphone shuts off randomly and the button is too sensitive. Like I don't even press the lock b

iPhone 4 won't turn on after smashing front screen

Okay, so in my fit of rage this afternoon, I threw my phone at my bed head and both back and front s

have idea as to whether Apple are going to bring back Disable 3G button back It makes my phone 549 paperweight at home. iPhone 5s

Basically, I live up on a hill and my 3G signal is pathetic, so whenever I try and make phonecalls t

I lost my iphone and now after getting an android phone I can not receive text messages coming from another iphone I did not disable my imessage so now I dont what to

I lost my iphone, and now after getting an android phone, I can not receive text messages coming fro

How can you reset your iphone when its disable with sync to new computer

Someone help mhe !r

I hear humming noise when talking on my iPhone 5s. What causing it

When I'm on a call withy iphone 5s I hear a humming noise. It is not continuous. What is causing

I am getting this humming type noise every few seconds while I m on phone. people I m talking to even hear it. iPhone

I am getting a humming type noise every few seconds while I am talking on the phone. The people I am

Rattling iPhone noise iPhone 4S

When I set my iphone 4s down I hear a rattling and then I shake it is hear a noise like meatl hittin