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echo in my iphone 5

noisy calls iPhone 5

When making or receiving calls the phone is very static and there is a loud clicking noise heard and

I hear Strange Echo sound and bleep on iPhone 5c

I hear a Strange echo sound on iphone 5c while making calls, also strange bleep sound while ringing

HollowEcho sound while on phone iPhone

Hello all, appreciate any assistance.Does anyone know if Apple has released a fix for hollow sound a

iPhone 5s issues on Verizon network

does anyone have the iphone 5s on Verizon? I've had issues with voice echo back and calls breaki

Annoying echo on iPhone 5S

I have an annoying echo at the recipients end on my iphone 5C. Have tried with and without phone cas

iPhone 5S echoing issue FIXED

I currently own an iphone 5S 32GB ATT.  While driving in my car and making a call, the other pe

Echo on phone iPhone 4S

I have an echo when people call me on my I phone 4s

Echo iPhone 4

I am on my second replacement. People can't stand to talk on my phone to me because it echoes so

iPhone 5s call echos and then drops

So just in the past couple of days I have noticed that my 5s has been dropping calls pretty consiste

iPhone 5S volume changing on its own

Recently when I play audio the volume will change on its own. The volume slider will say that the vo

iPhone 5 echo Problem Voice Memo Problem after Backcamera replace

i have a iphone 5 and some problem by the Buttom-Microphone, i think,when i am durig a call my partn

echo when using iphone

When i used my iphone 4s for a call, I can hear the echo of my voice how can i fix this problem?

After iOS 7 update trying to call just results in echo feedback loop. iPhone

It's happening to both my wife and I. She has a 4S, I have a 5.

echo issue prevelant on i5s incoming calls iPhone

Are others experiencing the echo on answering a call. Read that it was an issue on 4s for someone.&#

iPhone 5

Dear apple, help those please. I have 5 16gb iphone with firmware 7.0.4 I have crashes wifi, not alw

Iphone 5 echovoice problem.

Hi everyone. I'm using iphone5 and sometimes there is an echo of my own voice during the call. I

Major echo after iOS 7.0.2 upgrade on iPhone 5

After upgrading iphone 5 to iOS 7.0.2 I get a major echo on calls that I did not get with iOS 7.0.&#

I have an iPhone 4S with very annoying echo

I have an iphone 4S with the latest software from Apple. When I call somebody or if they call me the

Iphone 5 echo problem. Can you help me please

Hi Everyone, while I am on a call I hear the other side person but also I hear my own voice slightly

iPhone 4 Call Connection Issues

3 days ago, my iphone 4 started acting up. The first symptom was that when dialing a number, it