Unlock iPhone

how to erase history on iphone 5

Why my phone keep saying was problem deregistering this iphone with icloud

Every time I try to restore my phone or completely erase everything on it, a box comes up that says

Game center data server delete iPhone 3G

Hi,I've installed Boom. Beach on iPad but did not realize something had happened and logged me o

iPhone 5s Recent call history

Hi in my iphone 5s call history i could see that only the current week voice calls are listed out. R

Apple restrict me to in-app purchase without reason iPhone 3G

Hi All, As usuall, i use my apple id to do apps, in-app purchase and others, I never do any bad

I need help putting music from itunes onto my iphone

i already have music on my iphone, i just bought a new laptop today and wanted to add a few more son

Format iPhone my USB thumb drive went from WR speeds of about 250 to 10mbs after while speed went normal after format. Can this be happening to old iphone s How to format them from ground up iPhone 5

I've read that because of the way they handle files, SSDs go slow over the time unless you apply

i had complete backup my iphone 3gs ios 4.3.3 but no listing in itunes preferences iPhone 4S

I'm using a windows 7 and had been trying several times of delete backup folder, configure firew

If i erase my iphone will my texts be deleted

Ive just sold my iphone 4 after erasing it (erase all content and settings) , i never checked for te

How can i delete my ap history download iPhone 3G

How can i delete my ap history download from the app icon

My wife's iphone needs to be updated will new update erase all of her data iPhone 4S

Will my qife lose all of her apps, texts and emails by installing the most recent ios?

Wants old documents iPhone

I want my old history back on my phone please

i have two iphone 5s on my account. how i obtain important information like all history on device It s under my contract. i have two iphone 5s on my account. how i obtain important information like all history on device It s under my contract.

i think my son is up to no good. I have a brother with law enforcememnt and he said to obtain as muc

Stupid security or how I lost all my data iPhone 3G

Hi Apple, All This has the potential to be a bit of a long story so bare with me. Thanks. 

Need to change an apple ID for new user on iphone 4s. How

We are giving my husband's iphone 4s to our daugther and need to erase everything but my husband

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Recently, I have been having some trouble with my iphone, so I wanted to restore it. I made sure eve

someone calling my contacts but it s not my phone iPhone

ok so I was at dinner with my family and my phone started ringing, it was my friend. I didn't an

Old iPhone Stolen-no cellular account can it still be erased iPhone 4S

Old iphone was just stolen out of my car - is used for iPod and some app functions when in wi-fi ran

Water Damage iPhone 5s

My phone fell in water and the screen does not work, but the rest of the phone does. I got a replace

Iphone 4s black screen phone still working cannot reset or restore iPhone 5

Hello, i have an iphone 4s that has recently developed a black screen, but the phone is still workin