Unlock iPhone

error code 4013 on iphone restore

My touch id on iphone 5s doesn't appear

when i restore ios 7.1 .touch id is appear passcode

iPhone 5 flashing with apple logo. Plz help

I got put my phone and it was pitch black. I thought the battery was dead but the last time I used i

hi my iPhone 5 camera gone black

how can i fix this problem  i have done a restore etc  

Cannot restore my iPhone 5

So out of nowhere my iphone gets a blank screen. Can't restart it, can't do anything, just a

my itunes tells me my phone failing at restoring iPhone 3G

i was going to updATE my iphone and it told me to plug it into itunes and i did and once i did it to

update failed with message AMRestoreErrorDomain error 1-Failed to handle baseband update status message iPhone 5s

Pls help me in fixing this issue.

IOS 7.0.1 upgrade on Iphone 5 failed now stuck

Hi, Whilst upgrading my wifes phone it failed with "unknown error" now it's stuck showing t

Locked out of iPhone iOS6 and in airplane mode iPhone 5

I purchased a used iphone 5 with iOS6 installed online for cash and can't use. Here are the deta

iPhone ''iPhone ''could not be restored.An unknown error occurred 1 . iPhone 5s

the iphone iphone could not be restored an unknown error occurred (1)

Viber Activation Code preventing me from using my iPhone

@ViberTeam Hi there,  I have been using Viber on my iphone 4S for a while. Today, sud

Where are my pictures after backup iPhone 4S

I recently upgraded phones, but the new one had a smaller hard drive than the older one. So I did no

iPhone 4 needs to remain on its current iOS version 6.1.3

I have an iphone 4 that needs to remain on its current iOS version (6.1.3). How can I do a restore w

Help iPhone 4

i forget my passcode and tried to restore it but it ask for iCloud account password but i forget tha

Ringer to Silent Nonstop Vibrate iPhone 5

I currently have the iphone 5 and recently it will viberate all the time. I notice that one screen i

Water in iphone 5

I have recently dropped my iphone5 in water, I put it in rice for several days to dry out.It won'

changed my passcode on phone and forgot new passcode how i restore phone to go on iPhone 5s

How do i restore my phone t operate i changed ;my passcode and forgot the new one

Warranty replacement fail iPhone 5s

Travel a long journey to the singtel comcentre as my phone screen system froze alot of times, they d

iphone 5 froxen on home screen wont let me swipe. tried home and sleepwake botton to no avail still locked. went to restore using itunes but dont want to loose photos on phone. can suggest way to get photos before i restore

iphone 5 frozen on home screen, wont let me swipe.  tried home and sleep/wake botton to no avai

my iphone 5s 3 weeks old and software update put it in recovery and Ive tried restoring it and itunes said it cannot be restored system error 40

my iphone 5S is 3 weeks old and a software update put it into recovery mode and I tried to restore i

I restored my phone on iTunes but when I did all my info deleted and now it's my sister's old data. I tried to go back on iTunes and restore but my original data isn't even an option. How I get my old data back iPhone 4S

I restored my phone on iTunes, but when I did, all my info deleted and now it's my sister's