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my facebook app has disappeared on my iphone

Facebook no longer works with iPhone 4s

For the last two days my facebook app on my iphone 4s no longer works.  I click on it and it tr

carrier disspeared in my settings in iphone 4 after water damage

I made my iphone dry for 4 days and took off the battery. I saw one of the sensors that suppose to b

Contacts not updating iPhone 5

I had deleted contacts from my iphone because I wanted to hide them as they were facebook contacts w

My Battery iPhone 5S

Hi guys! I've my iphone 5s since November last year and I really love that Phone, there is

how I get my visual voice mail back iPhone

I updated to the most recent software update 7.1.1(11D201) & my visual voicemail option disappea

how to download facebook in iphone 5c

how can i install app required application in my iphone 5c?

My movie icon disappeared from my Apple TV screen. I can t watch my movies on my Apple TV iPhone 3G

My movie icon disappeared from my Apple TV screen. I can't watch my movies on my Apple TV

My Pages documents disappeared from my iphone somehow in process of changing my iphone account from defunct email address to my new one. How I get them back

I changed my Apple account to a new email address and away from an address that was discarded last s

My notes disappeared from my iphone

I found my notes in my gmail account... which is a strange place for them.  But I want them und

My iphone 5 missing it's multitasking menu feature completely. Double tapping home button not trigger action. Help

It's at the title states, my multitasking menu has disappeared completely and I can't access

how to lock my facebook apps iPhone 3G

How to Lock my facebook,messenger,whatsapp and twitter app??

What are implications of iOS 8 for iphone 4 users

What are implications of iOS 8 for iphone4 users? I am interested to know about daily social apps--W

iphone frozen iPhone 5s

my iphone 5s is frozen on a facebook password page and won't let me shut it down, how do I fix t

Retrieve contacts verizon backup assistant iPhone 3G

iphone 4, iOS 6.?, not synced with iTunes, only used vzw app-backup assistant (I know I shoulda been

iPhone 4S has mind of its own

My phone changes settings, operates in airplane mode, (send and recieve data), tells me the weather,

App Store icon has disappeared from my screen. How I get it back iPhone 3G

The App Store icon is gone from my screen but still shows up in apps how do I get it back?

did sofeware update to 7.1.1. and mircophone on keyboard disappeared. suggestion on how to restore this option. This on iphone 4 iPhone 5

Updated my sofeware on my iphone 4 last night to the newest version 7.1.1. but I now have lost the m

how to log out from facebook messenger on ios iPhone 3G

I downloaded facebook messenger on my iphone 4s . I logged in but was unable to find sign out please

I have stolen someone else's apple ID by accident iPhone 5C

Somebody used to have my email address, so sometimes I get their emails and they still use the email

Wi-fi drops after frequently but shows connected iPhone 5s

Hi, Since the time I purchased my iphone 5s, I have been facing this problem with Wi-fi. The fi