Unlock iPhone

my facebook app has disappeared on my iphone

my phone froze so i locked it. tried opening it screen wont even light up. what's up i need to use it asap. iPhone 4

i just recently replaced the simcard to my personal simcard earlier. after e few hours of usage (mes

message i waS WRITING was not sent but it gone iPhone

I was in the middle of writing a reply text message and it disappeared but it did not send. Where di

Notification Center iPhone 5

I deleted the facebook Messenger app from my notification center but now I need it back because I do

iPhone 5 jailbroken keeps restarting

This has been bothering me for weeks. My jailbroken iphone 5,running iOS 7.0.4 randomly restarts ( c

Ringtones iPhone

After the latest upgrade, my downloaded ringtones have disappeared. Help!

Missing calendar in iCal iPhone 3G

I've been using my iCal calendar on my iphone 5 for over a year now.  Our "family" calendar

track id malfunction iPhone 5s

i changed my home button on my iphone 5s , now the track id disappeared from settings. Any help ?

Iphone 5s changed current iCloud to 4 iCloud

So I had an iphone 4 and I changed my apple ID because I couldn't access the email (hotmail acco

integration to facebook for my ios app iPhone 3G

Hello folks, I am trying to build a new ios app on xcode and i have a doubt of how to integrate

Delete from iPhone Twitter Facebook Vimeo and Flickr iPhone 4S

In Settings, the iphone comes with the option to download Twitter, facebook, Vimeo and Flickr. I do

iPhone Hacked

Hey everyone I hope someone out there can help me figure this out... I was on facebook via the

Badge app icon not working iPhone 5C

So, I turned off the Badge App Icon for Skype and facebook without realizing what it was, and just t

5s phone uses too much data iPhone

I am new to iphone however when I compare my usage to other iphone users it's definitely excessi

Crazy iPhone 4s mess up Please help

My iphone 4s ( yes I know my phone is a bit outdated)  is messing up like crazy! I just can'

Message icon disappeared from my iPhone 5

My message icon disappeared from my iphone 5. Should I restore using Reset Home Screen layout or wil

Hello Apple iPhone 5s

Hi, Apple Support!Yesterday faced with a problem, my reminder buggy. Application hangs and does not

I got itunes card from my relative over Facebook and it said to put in my email and I did and got email 2 seconds later saying conformation and it said click and it had code at bottom and I clicked it and it brought me to my personal inform iPhone 3G

I got a itunes card from my relative over facebook and it said to put in my email and I did and got

Bought phone from friend. Reset to iOS6. What will happen if I update to iOS7 iPhone 5C

Hello. I bought an iphone 5 from a friend but she moved to India. I bought this phone about a month

i removed facebook app from my iphone . how i restore it

i removed facebook app from my iphone. how do i restore it?

iOS 7.1 11D167 ruined my iPhone 4S

I upgraded my iphone 4S to ios 7.1(11D167) and now most apps won't start (e.g. facebook, Waze, V