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why is fairplayd.N92 on iphone

New to IPhone iPhone 5

I am new to iphone, Apple period! I always had Android, but due to the past year of feeling stalked/

Panic.plist iPhone 4S

Incident Identifier: 7278AA77-FCCC-44CE-ADD8-8EBAD10519F2CrashReporter Key:   00531215b0a3

Constant panic attacks. How can I get it fix iPhone 4S

Hi  I have an iphone 4s legally unblocked. My phone was working properly until couple of weeks

Apps are closing including Setting and Music and Calls just seconds after they were opened. iPhone

I have an iphone 4s, purchased only 5 months ago.  All apps on the phone, including calls, musi

iPhone 4S Kernel panic

My iphone 4S unexpectedly crashed today while listening to music. Since the warranty is going to run

Incident Identifier 484C7A2A-4DDA-4495-9E06-83A7623C0879 CrashReporter Key   ce03f9e963a5e907aba1775edb7f48d6fe7a1f94 Hardware Model      iPhone 3 1 OS Version          iPhone OS 5.1 9B176 Kernel version      Darwin Kernel Version 11.0.0 Wed Feb  1

Incident Identifier: 484C7A2A-4DDA-4495-9E06-83A7623C0879CrashReporter Key:   ce03f9e963a5e907a

Crash dump log Random crashing apps being wiped iPhone 4S

Hello.  I have random crashing and a little overheating on my 4S.  Apple Fast Lane had me

Regular panic.crashes when retrieving e-mail iPhone 4

My iphone started to panic crash all 20-30 minutes when not being used about 2 weeks ago. Resetting