Unlock iPhone

could n find 5.1.1 9b206 blobs for this device on the apple or cydia

MMS not working after IOS 7.1.1 update iPhone

I have a apple Unlocked T-mobile iPhone 5s with a Straight Talk Sim card and I’ve tried everyt

IOS Diagnostics not start in my Iphone 4S

Hi, Following my first request from you (the Iphone 4S camera autofocus does not work properly,

I think someone has spoofed my MAC address iPhone 4S

I'm hoping someone can help me. this is a big deal for me :o(On a social media site where I have

My iPhone was stolen I would find it.

hello: I did not set the icloud on my iPhone, but I logged into apple ID and I have it for co

Secret folder on iphone

Hi! I'm wondering if it is possible to have a password protected folder on Iphone. A folder

Why Find My Friends keep going back to log-on screen in mid-use iPhone 3G

During use, find My Friends quits and goes back to a log-on screen, which tells me I'm logged in

iPhone in recovery mode telling me to restore iPhone 4S

I recently updated my iphone to the new ios 7.1.1. The screen on my phone had USB cable telling me t

How i remove my phone number from i message iPhone 4

I switched to a Gz comando phone and i cant get texts all the time and i cant figure out how to take

fingerprint scanner on screen iPhone 5

i believe that apple next update of ios 7.1.2 should have a fingerprint scanner on the screen instea

apple unlock your Imei iPhone 5

Does apple unlock your Imei

phone screen blinks and iphone not turn on iPhone 5s

hello, my name is Ksenia matukhnov.I live in israel. in  29 of january  I bought  2 i

Restore fails iPhone 5s

Hi! I have some problems with my iphone 5s i tried to turn it on but it shows me "connect to itunes"

everyone else having battery problems with iOS 7.1.1 iPhone 5

My battery on my iPhone 5 that's running iOS 7.1.1 is really bad. I called apple and they told m

How you find out recovery email I not my security questions. iPhone 5C

I need to figure out how to make all of my apple security questions come to my regular email and not

My iPhone 5 got so hot it burned my hand. Also my battery having issues. Help me

Hi all, So I took my phone to the genius bar this morning, and explained some of my problems:&#

Why my messages keep disappearing from Notification Centre iPhone

I've only noticed this since upgrading to iOS 7.1 and I can't find any answers anywhere on t

hi. iPhone

hi i downloaded the new version of IOS7. the latest version. i never used i tunes and i dont ne

i am new to apple how you transfer apps from computer to iphone

New to apple and itunes how do you transfer app from itunes to iphone 5c have phone sync to computer

iphone dead gone to insurance co. for replacement. They say because Find My iPhone still active they can't replace or try to fix it. problem can't log in to de-activate it cos email account not exist anymore. How can I de-activate it iPhone 5

iphone is dead, gone  to insurance co. for replacement. They say because "find My iPhone" is st