Unlock iPhone

fix for iphone 4s with 4013 code fault

Unlock network iPhone 4S

How to unlock my iphone

Not Working iPhone 4S

I have ipone 4s. now its cant switch on. and its not working

Hi I have lost my iphone and i erased data through find my iphone service . Can I destroy iphone hardware somehow iPhone 4S

Hi, I have lost my iphone and i erased the data through find my iphone service . Can I destroy the i

I cant turn on wifi con My iPhone 4S

For some reason I can not turn my wifi any more what can I do?

why cannot Siri leave answer on phone instead of erasing it iPhone 4S

Was rolling down the highway, and needed answer to stay on the phone for extended period of time due

My iPhone 4S screen black only siri works. What's with What can I

Hey,  I have an iphone 4S. Like a billion years ago the power button stopped working. Have

Iphone batterypowercharging issue iPhone 4S

Hello everyone or anyone who might help. I've recently changed my iphone 4S's display (

Pourquoi mes raccourcis clavier sur mon iPhone et mon iPad disparaissent parfois et surtout sont JAMAIS utilisables iPhone 4S

Pourquoi mes raccourcis clavier disparus... Avant quand j'allais dans Réglages >

I have an iPhone 4s just eight months it normal battery lasts only 3 hours please help me thank you very much.

I have an iphone 4s just eight months, it is normal that the battery lasts only 3 hours? please help

Can you look up content of text messages have been deleted iPhone 4S

Can you look up the content of previously deleted text messages?

Extras will not close iPhone 3G

When I open "Extras" to use my calculator or my contacts, my iphone 5c won't let me back out of

Display touchpad replace of iphone 4s

When replace the touch pad and display of iphone 4s does it function like original one? Does display

can i get my contacts out of my broken iphone 4 iPhone 4S

I smashed my iphone and now when i can hear it ring but cannot see anything on the screen. is there

no wifi iPhone 4S

No      Wifi available

iPhone 4S stopped connecting to wifi.

The phone was working fine. Then I couldn't move the button on the WiFi setting. Any suggestions

My iPhone 4s which was working perfectly previously suddenly won't switch on battery was fully charged

iphone 4s won't switch on. Was fine - was not turned off - just went dead and won't turn on.

What newest iOS coming out for iPhone iPhone 4S

I heard that there was a new IOS coming out soon for the iphone do you know anything about this?

Iphone 5 Broken Pins

I had the same issue. My iphone five pins had broken. 2 pins. I went into the store and they wouldn&

hey can i get some help iPhone 4S

can you help me?