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how to fix snapchat on iphone 5

Why my iphone 5 screen being grainy and irresponsive

HiRecently, my phone has been several different colours (the screen on an iphone 5) in very annoying

How come i cant get new update for snapchat on my phone iPhone 5

How come i cant get the new update for snapchat on my phone?

my iPhone 4 has black and white lines

i was on facetime with my friend and then i got a Snaochat; i went to the snapchat screen, opened th

Camera app frozen iPhone 5

My camera app decided to start freezing up today. I've tried force quitting the app, resetting t

How can I fix it iPhone 5

Everytime I want to use my camera on my iPhone5 it tells me that I am unable to access my Camera and

Crazy iPhone 4s mess up Please help

My iphone 4s ( yes I know my phone is a bit outdated)  is messing up like crazy! I just can'

I woke up this morning and now for some reason my imessage not working nor my facebook or twitter or snapchat or anything like . I am wondering if knows what to thanks iPhone 5s

Does anyone have any solutions?

Snapchat notifications on my Iphone 5

I have the iphone 5 and i don't get notifications for my snapchat but in my settings it says my

Why won't my push notifications for app snapchat work after yesterday's iOS update iPhone 5s

After yesterday's update the app snapchat won't send me push notifications anymore

Can t download snapchat iPhone 3G

I need help, won't let me download snapchat

I can't get login screenpassword prompt to show up when I join hotel wifi network Ideas iPhone 4S

I can't get my iphone to connect to the hotel wifi network.  It says I am connected but the

iPhone 5 excessive data usage problem carrier-AT T--resolutions

I got an iphone 5 in June of 2013, and the billing period after I got it, I went over my data usage

iPhone 5 Camera Flashlight Stopped working

Hi Guys So my iphone 5 rear camera out of nowhere stopped working.I took some pictures earlier

My camera isn't working on my iPhone 4 what so ever please help

Today out of nowhere my camera on my iphone 4 stopped working. It allows me To open the app but that

My front camera of my iphone 4s not working

I recently got my screen replaced, and after that it just stopped working, I have reset, restored, a

My iphone 5 on 6.1.2 I haven't updated to new IOS 7 this why my camera stopped working all of sudden

The problem that I'm having is my camera on my phone will not turn on anymore. Everytime I try t

iPhone 5 camera

My camera pose and shows everything like normal but the screen is completely black and my snapchat d

Back iphone 5S camera not working. iPhone 5

Okay so the back camera on my 64GB iphone 5S is not working anymore. When I open the camera app, it

Snapchat help iPhone 5C

I got my new iphone 5c. I installed snapchat, and my friend with an HTC sent me some snaps. I can vi

iphone 5s back camera wont open

     I got my iphone awhile ago and just recently the rear facing camera wont op