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iPhone 4S screen flickers at bottom when using camera iPhone 4S screen flickers at bottom when using camera

Whenever I use the camera app or view snaps on snapchat the bottom of my 4S screen flickers and jump

How I get my Iphone 4S screen to stop flickering and jumping iPhone 5

My 15 month old iphone 4S's screen has recently starting jumping and flickering and will not sto

front camera not working iPhone 4S

front camera not working

Computer can't recognize iPhone 5 after resetting

So my iphone 5 had a problem with the front camera, so I decided to go to my local store to have the

accidentally dropped iPhone iPhone 5C

iphone 5C was dropped and front screen is scattered, how much will it cost to replace if I have Appl

Non-Existent Customer Service for English Speakers in China iPhone 5

Well folks I need some help. I am a native English speaker living in Southern China.  We d

iPhone 5s having intermittently unresponsive touch screen

Recently, I accidently dropped my iphone 5s on concrete and the glass screen got cracked/broken.

iPhone 5 Screen Jumpy and Scrambled Now Dead iPhone 5s

I have been dealing with a problem where the entire display on my iphone 5 becomes jumpy and scrambl

Will apple replace my iphone 4 due to scratched camera lens

My photos and videos are blurry and not at all 5mp standard compared to my mates iphone 4!! Wil

Iphone 4 simcard in cheap tracfone OR possible fix

Hi, I have an iphone 4, what tracfone will fit its simcard? I only want to buy a cheap phone since m

Should I have my iphone 5 screen fixed Small crack on front bottom right.

I have a small crack on the bottom right of my iphone 5. I intend to upgrade to the next iphone. I u

Iphone 5-Fragile

I replaced my 3y/o Droid 2 last August with a iphone 5. in the past 6 weeks the scrren has shattered

Dust in my front camera iPhone 5s

I've noticed there's a lot of dust in my iphone 5S front camera, can Apple resolve this? My

Problem hearing when I makereceive calls iPhone 5C

Hi. I keep my phone (5c) on my nightstand at night. I also keep a bottle of lotion with a squirt lid

My iPhone 4S keeps searching even after I took out S card

My iphone 4S keeps searching for service.I've tried:Taking out SIM card, then powered off my pho

broken iPhone 4

I dropped my i phone 4 and it busted the back glass but did not affect the front at all, I picked it

I dropped my phone last night already with little bit of glass missing at top. screen has gone black with blue lines down it and i cant even see my home screen. I've tried holding down power and home button someone please help iPhone 5s

I dropped my phone last night, already with a little glass missing at the top. The screen is black w

My front facing camera not work. iPhone 4

When i go in to my camera app and try to change to front facing camera the app freezes.  It doe

my camera shutter doesn't open iPhone 5

My iphone camera shutter will not open. Occasionally, the reverse camera shutter will open, but when

iPhone 5s water damage

okay so basically I was washing my face and my phone was laying next to my screen. In the midst of m