Unlock iPhone

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External mic not working iPhone 4S

Hi; I am a pianist and find it easy to record my home performances with my iPhone’s camera, in

Could someone help me with my iphone 5

I am not sure if anyone has this problem at all but please see the video below. http://i1343.ph

Activation Error-iPhone 4S

I am receiving an Activation Error that will not allow me to get past the log on screen.  The e

Screen flashingflickering and just going out iPhone 5

My iphone has been doing this weird thing lately where when I unlock it just the backlight lights up

IPhone troubles iPhone 5

you can read about error 14 herehttp://theiphonewiki.com/wiki/ITunes_Errors#Negative_-1_..._-100

iPhone 5 has bad Voice clarity quality

Hey roypt2008! Please see the following article for troubleshooting steps regarding this issue:

How can I retrieve Apps and Contacts possibly photos from deleted iPhone iPhone 4S

Hi everyone, my wife asked me to upload an album from her iTunes onto her iPhone 4S this morning as

I bought second hand iphone 4 and it only accepts telstra sims I have been on telstra website and have had it unlocked but it still will not accept other carrier sims What can i

Did you complete the unlock by restoring to factory settings in iTunes? http://support.apple.com/kb/

Plug in to iTunes iPhone 4

Use recovery modeRecovery mode erases your device and restores it, which should resolve the issue. I

Hello able to separate an apple icloud account My IMEI. I buy Used iphone ios 7.1.1 5c but after restore it asks me iCloud account.I have no contact with seller. thank you for your reply. iPhone 5C

The iPhone has Activation Lock and will require you to have the previous owner's Apple ID and pa

iPhone 4 Sync Over WiFi PROBLEM

Hi John_Walker, I understand that you are trying to sync your iPhone 4 over Wi-Fi, but when you

Iphone 5 help-List of problems since purchase-Currently paper weight

Adult owned cared for iphone 5 with case and never dropped or seen any water. No problems with my tr

s unlock about my iphone 4s

hello ,i have buy an iphone4s from amazon,and i'm come back to china now,but i cant use the loca

What to for grayed out WiFi iPhone 3G

Try the suggestions here to see if they resolve your problem:  http://support.apple.com/kb/ts15

Update unavailable with this Apple ID iPhone 3G

I think Apple is not yet aware ad per this http://www.apple.com/support/systemstatus/ App store is s

Strange Dot Floating Around iphone 5 Movie

I just go my iphone 5 about a month ago. I just shot this video and there is a small spot floating a

my iphone unloked in verification appears carrer retail unlock

Hello Everyone, so I was trying to verify if my iphone is factory unlocked, so I've tried in thi

Changing configuration from iMessage to SMS iPhone

You do not configure your phone. Your friend needs to deactive her iMessage. Have her read and follo

I wipederased my stolen iphone 5 on iCloud but what get s erased

Read this:http://support.apple.com/kb/PH2696

18650 batteries as an on go charger for iPhone iPhone 5

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