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When will be Cambodian Khmer Keyboard officially available in IOS iPhone

Suprisingly, there are many people using IOS product in Cambodia, But why IOS still haven't incl

Messages on iPhone 4 iOS 5.1.1 to Messages 8.0 on OSX Mavericks not working

Hello All, I have a very specific issue with my wifes iPhone 4 on iOS 5.1.1 using Messages to s

iPhone 5 jailbroken keeps restarting

This has been bothering me for weeks. My jailbroken iPhone 5,running iOS 7.0.4 randomly restarts ( c

AMDS cannot found in window iPhone

AMDS cannot found in window 7. I tried to install but showed 'Apple Iphone has a driver problem&

WiFi on my iPhone 4s not working after iOS 7.1.

I tried web recomendations. Apple store suggested to replace my phone. I did not have any issues wit

apple doing something about NO wifi on IOS 7 iPhone 4S

PLease any help solving this issue is appreciated. Since Apple is doing nothing about this

What car model showing in Apple carplay ads iPhone

I know i have been stupid, just wanna the car brand and model which displayed on the apple carplay s

unable to recieve texts from iphone s

I switched from apple to android and now I cant recieve texts from iphones. I have unregistered numb

hungarian t-mobil not offer visual voicemail your page httpsupport.apple.comkbht1937 incorrect iPhone

hungarian t-mobil does not offer visual voicemail, your page http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1937 is i

iMessage issues iPhone

I recently bought a Samsung and was having issues recieving messages from friends with iphones. I re

Problems Editing and deleting Label iPhone

Hi all, This question is not limited to iPhone, it's also valid for all IOS products (iPod,

Why my phone drop calls iPhone 5C

i dont know if i should take my iphone to the apple store but. my phones been dropping calls despite

will apple tell my insurance my iphone broken iPhone 5s

My iPhone has been playing up and eventually stopped working for unseen circumstances, i went to the

Grey shadowspot appeared on my camera iPhone 5s

I have just noticed a largeish, grey translucent spot has appeared on the camera of my iPhone 5s and

Now WiFi available on airlines can we have WiFi active but cellular turned off Trying to always connect to cell service from aircraft drains battery quickly iPhone 5s

I was just traveling, and the ailine was offering WiFi service. The iphone has an airplane mode whic

My 2ND HAND iphone 5c totally DEAD. It wont charge at all. It has guarantee. What shall i

Hi i have recently purchased a iphone 5c of the street. it worked fine. a week later the fone went o

How your fix Iphone 5 32g will not pass apple logo in boot up

I plug in my iphone 5 to the charger cube and all my phone does is turn on with the apple logo. Then

Why my iphone 5 screen being grainy and irresponsive

HiRecently, my phone has been several different colours (the screen on an iphone 5) in very annoying

Apple store wouldnt replace my phone because they said third party had changed part with serial number inside my phone i for fact i did not use third party to fix my phone why and how could this of happened iPhone 4S

I recently took my 4S into the apple store seeing as I had dropped it without a case one too many ti

My iphone 5s logic board got damaged can Apple one year warranty fix it

My iphone 5s logic board got damaged, can Apple one year warranty fix it ?