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hum noise on iphone 5

My Green iPhone 5c creaks in bottom left hand corner would this be up to get replacement And if so would I be able to get replacement without AppleCare

Recently I have noticed that my green iphone 5c makes a creaking noise when I press in the bottom le

Speakers Making High Pitched Noises iPhone 5

Hey guys so I have my iphone 5 for about 2 years in like 40 days (So I am still under warranty) Anyw

IPhone got repaired by apple but when it came from repair same problem was still iPhone 5C

So yesterday i found out that my iphone's screen is making a creepy sound when i push the upper

Rattling Noise in Power Button Loose Power button iphone 5S

i purchased iphone 5s and the power button is making rattling sound? also while making videos this s

Sleep and lock bottom iPhone 5s

Lock botton is very lose an make noise

noisy calls iPhone 5

When making or receiving calls the phone is very static and there is a loud clicking noise heard and

My iphone screen blacked out Lock Button Broken

Doesnt show anything but siri works, and makes noise. There has been a similar thread and the soluti

5s rattling power button and double click noise iPhone 5s

My 5s is having that power button rattle, and my home button is making that double click noise which

Would Apple fix my popped out glass for free iPhone 5s

I just noticed the top right corner of the glass on my iphone 5S is popping out a little bit. I can

My phone won't vibrate on or ring or even light up when somebody calling or texting me and I have my setting to where supposed to how to fix it iPhone 5C

I have my phone to where it should vibrate on silent and on sound but it hang been working when some

Why microphone stay on after call over iPhone 5C

After I end a call on my iphone 5c, I can hear myself still talking and/or any background noise.

About month ago my phone had water damage and I tried to turn brightness down and it all went black I it working cause Siri working and when I put it on charge I can hear noise I'm really worried I tried reseting it but did nowt iPhone 4S

Like I said above about a month ago I had water damage and now I just tried to turndown the brightne

My Iphone '' Recovery Mode '' iPhone 4S

I recently did an update which Itunes told me to do, However I think there was an Error which occour

iphone 5 making noise when charging.

My iphone 5 makes charging sound every 2 seconds when on the charger. It also doesn't seem to be

I have Iphone 4 I replaced ONOFF Top key

I have iphone 4  16 G sudden my power ON/OFF key stop working no click noise  so I order o

Iphone 5 7.1.1 update iPhone 5C

Hi Ever since I have updated my software to IOS 7.1.1 on my iphone 5 it has been playing up.

iphone 4s charging problem

My iphone 4s keeps making a beeping noise as if its charging every 5 seconds but the screen stays bl

Screen went black after phone fell and no solution works iPhone 4

I dropped my iphone 4 and the screen went black. It has been a few days and it has yet to come back

I cracked my screen really badly it was working for few days and now screen wont show . when i plug it in charger i hear chargimg noise constantly . its an iPhone 5c . help pleaase .

I cracked my iphone 5c screen really badly, it was working for a few days and now the screen won'

iPhone 5S echoing issue FIXED

I currently own an iphone 5S 32GB ATT.  While driving in my car and making a call, the other pe