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iPhone 4s will not connect to WiFi

iPhone 4s suddenly will not connect to WiFi. Error Message 'Unable to join the network "xxxx". I

Nike fuelband SE App statistics vs Nike online profile iPhone 3G

My Nike FuelBand SE syncs via bluetooth to my iPhone Nike FuelBand App.It also (on occassion) syncs

why won't my phone connect to my pc when another iphone will iPhone 4S

my wife has an Iphone 4s as do Imy phone will connect to our ASUS laptop pc and itunes without any p

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My phone will not connect with charging cable unless I wiggle it,,what can I do?

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My Iphone 4s does not find any bluetooth devices after upgrading from ios6 to ios7.  I've t

How I get my non-jailbroken unlocked iphone out of restore mode without using itunes

   I've spent hours searching the internet for a solution to my problem but nothing ha

Iphone 4s wifi bluetooth don't work.

Hi everyone, my iPhone 4s wifi and bluetooth do not work, and they never have since i got the phone

Io7 sw issues iPhone 3G

since the time i had updated to io7 my wifi button and bluetooth button have freezed not only this,

Bluetooth not connecting iPhone 5

My iphone 5 will not connect to my Polar H7 heart rate monitor or anything else...is this a general

IOS 7 Grey Wifi Blue tooth-How to fix iPhone 4S

i would like to share with you how i fixed my iphone 4s after ios 7.0.4 update and lose of wifi, blu

I have no connection to phone provider in house iPhone

how get connection in our home,

wi fi without connection iPhone 5s

Iphone 5 Swifi without connection, I supose that is a hardware problem.What to do?thanks for helpJor

iPhone 4s won't connect thru cable in car to play music.

As of last week I get a connection error when hooking up my iPhone 4s in my car to play music. Us th

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When I am at home my internet never wants to workon my 5s. It takes forever to load or it says no in

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My charging wire no longer connects with my IPhone 5 something is blocking the connection in the pho

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Why most of apple say "FORGET THIS DEVICE" if it doesnt wanna connect

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so I'm going on a carnival cruise later this year and theyre talking about how their internet co

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When I am in the same room as my router, my iphone can connect to the internet as usual. But when I

Bluetooth connection problem on iPhone Os7.1

Upgraded iPhone 4 to os7.1. Now unable to maintain pairing on device called swing tip. Device pairs

my i5 won't charge iPhone 5

Just started out of the blue....I have a moon next to the bluetooth on the screen where it shows the