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icloud storage vs regular storage

iphone says i have used 12.5gb but only got 700mb left

Hi, I have just checked my Iphone 5c storage on my phone and pc and it says that I only have 74

I just bought storage and got 10 gb but it still wont allow me to take picture because it says i dont have enough storage. Help iPhone 4S

I take a lot of pictures, and i just recently bought some storage because i didnt have enough. So bu

How you back up your iphone iPhone 4S

Can anyone tell me how to back up my iphone on icloud/itunes which ever so I can save my info and sa

how to get icloud backup on new iphone 5c

I got a new iphone 5c today.  I backed up my old iphone 4 on icloud but now I don't know ho

Why would my phone this iPhone

So I was driving through town the other day and making a call through my Bluetooth to the place I wa

Storage full iPhone

My iPhone shows a message that there's no enough storage! I need some space for the camera roll

iPhone 5 with forgotten iCloud

Hello! I was have IPhone 5 purchased from Belgium and factory unlocked. About a month ago he broke t

Why my phone keep saying was problem deregistering this iphone with icloud

Every time I try to restore my phone or completely erase everything on it, a box comes up that says

iclud lock iPhone 5s

hi i just bought a iphone 5s on the Internet, which still has warranty until November. the problem i

Non-Existent Customer Service for English Speakers in China iPhone 5

Well folks I need some help. I am a native English speaker living in Southern China.  We d

Lost Your Notes or Deleted Notes Default Account iPhone 3G


Return money iPhone 3G

Hello!I want return my money. I want to cancel the purchase of 10 GB to store icloud

How to delete content from old iPhone

Hi. My problem is a bit complex, I would say. I have just bought a new iPhone and sold my old iPhone

My icloud keeps saying it's almost full but I've erased bunch of stuff and erased almot all of my pictures. I don't what else to . It's also saying I need to verify my account iPhone 4S

My icloud keeps saying it' almost full, but I've erased a bunch of stuff and I've erased

My Pages documents disappeared from my iphone somehow in process of changing my iphone account from defunct email address to my new one. How I get them back

I changed my Apple account to a new email address and away from an address that was discarded last s

My iPhone 5 outer camera microphone mute

please help. I talk on the phone, make voice memos, but when I go to make any kind of regular video

I accidentally backed up my new iphone to my moms icloud account she s currently using. If i erase all content it erase everything on her phone also or just off phone using

So i just bought a new iphone and was trying to back it up onto my computer. I accidentally backed i

My iPhone 5 dosent ask for Apple I.D but asks for s to activate it it iCloud blocked

My iPhone 5 dosent ask for a Apple I.D but asks for a sim to activate it ..is it icloud blocked ??

iPhone 5s Screen easily scratched vs iPhone 4s and previous gen

Hi there, I've used iPhones since 2007 with upgrades at two years, skipping a generation (3