Unlock iPhone

icloud terms and conditions unable to connect to server

Can I cancel newest ios7 update for my 5c iPhone 5C

i have recently tried to update my iphone 5c and it says i need to connect my phone to itunes to fin

iCloud backup iPhone 5

My iphone 5 (on ios6) wont let me back up my icloud??even though i have 5 available gbs of icloud st

hello my iphnoe not letting me baack up my icould iPhone 5C

my husband and i are having trouble backing up our icloud. we cant even update our apps we have on o

My iphone disabled it saying to connect to itunes but when i it still wont let me type my pin into it please help iPhone 5

Please help my phone wont let me type in my password and when connected to itunes it wont let me typ

Viber Activation Code preventing me from using my iPhone

@ViberTeam Hi there,  I have been using Viber on my iPhone 4S for a while. Today, sud

iPhone can t connect to laptop-urgent

Hello peeps!I am kind of in an urgent situation - I've got some files in my iPhone that need to

Where are my pictures after backup iPhone 4S

I recently upgraded phones, but the new one had a smaller hard drive than the older one. So I did no

how can i import back music from iphone to itunes iPhone 5s

i buy already new laptop (ex one is completely out of order). all programs and instruments are downl

MapMyWalk Running in Background iPhone 5

    Hi!      I recently added a pedometer to MMW and when I

my iPhone 4s will not connect with my mac pro

hey, so i have an iphone 4s with the latest update iOS7.1 and a macbok pro which is also up to date

I can not receive or send text messages iPhone

I cant send/recieve messages from friends and family, unless they have the iphone.  This is ext

activation icloud lock iphone 5s gold

Hello but I have another account which gt_z305@hotmail.com phone closed at the expense of another I

How can I get photos off iphone 5 when screen smashed and phone locked

Hello, My iphone screen is completely shattered and it is displaying distorted picture ie its n

Help iPhone 4

i forget my passcode and tried to restore it but it ask for icloud account password but i forget tha

How can I save an iPhone 5C fell into water and won't connect to iTunes

So about a month ago, I dropped my iPhone 5C in a hot tub. I pulled it out immediately. (It was in t

i need help iPhone 4

so my mom had her old iphone 4 laying around so i took it off her hands. i changed the itunes accoun

No connect network iPhone 5

No network connection

data in sync for icloud deleted no iPhone 3G

data in the sync for icloud deleted is no?

My iPhone 5 syncing songs I don t have selected in iTunes.

I have an iPhone 5, iOS 7.1, iTunes 11.1.5.  There are songs on my iPhone that I haven't se