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imei check iphone status

Apple India After sales Disaster iPhone 5

I have been an avid user of Apple products, my first was the 1st generation Ipod in 2002 and it stil

I forogt my security answers and i didnt recieve email iPhone 5s

I forgot my security answers and i follow the instruction i put my email but the password was wrong!

My iPhone

My iphone suddenly doesn't work for the for the original apps that are related to Apple. Such as

My 3G isnt working whenever not connected to my wifi i cannot send txt or use internet even thou i have all bars of reception and 3G symbol showing iPhone 5

My 3G isnt working, whenever im not connected to my wifi i cannot send a txt or use internet, even t

iPhone says searching for service after ios 7.1.1 update HELP iPhone 5C

I updated my iphone 5c to the iOS 7.1.1 last night and didn't think I would have any problems. I

I want to how I can tell if apple got my iphone for its repair iPhone 5s

I accidentally sent my iphone for repairs using usps instead of FedEx. So I don't know if apple

iphone 5 will not charge

I've had my iphone 5 for a little less than a year. Up until last night the device has been

how can i check when i booked my appointment i forgot. iPhone 5

i thought i had wrote it down on my notes...i would like to know if i can find out when the appointm

Since 7.1.1. update iPhone 4 call reception strength fluctuates erratically

This iphone 4 has worked fine with the StraightTalk network.  Signal strength has remained stea

Logging into snapchat and it says could not connect please check your connection and try again iPhone 5s

Tried logging onto snapchat and it says could not connect please check your connection and try again

searching message was appearing in status bar iPhone

searching message was appering in the status bar even if the network signal was available, Can anyon

check this if you have problems with your iphone 5c iPhone 5

Your post sounds very whiny, which make you look silly. Please state CLEARLY what your techinic

iphone 4s

is there a way to reset the imei #

How to check past repair records of an iphone iPhone 5s

How can i check the pastvservice or repair records of an iphone

I lost my Iphone 5s I was using find my Iphone feature It said offline Today I check on my friends Iphone and before loging out I press forget this phone. now I can not see my phone How can I put it in system again to be able to track it

please Someone help

iPhone 5 home button problems

Hi all,          I've got an iphone 5 and have had

how to check specification of my iphone iPhone 4S

how to check the specification of my iphone

My phone crashes when I turn it off and battery level less than 20 percent. I restored software but this did not solve problem. What I now iPhone 5

My iphone 5 turns off if I stop using it and whe battery level reading is below 20 percent.  Wh

Inappropriate Response iPhone 5

I am using iphone 5 since aug 2013 with one year warranty ie upto aug 2014. My iphone is getting hea

I can t view artists name under title in compilations on my iphone

I am trying to find out a solution, but seems it's not solved yet. On my Mac in iTunes my m