Unlock iPhone

imessage activation user name or password was incorrect

Apple India After sales Disaster iPhone 5

I have been an avid user of Apple products, my first was the 1st generation Ipod in 2002 and it stil

iMessage suddenly stopped working iPhone

If someone could please help me figure out how to get my iMessages back I would be VERY greatful.

Flew out of state iPhone 5 will not connect to wifi or 3G

Phone was working fine, got on the plane, put it in airplane mode then once I got off the plane and

iMessaging iPhone 4S

I'm having some problems on my phone with iMessaging.  Is it possible to have iMessaging be

my iphone

My sone accidentally typed the wrong password several times into my iphone and now everything is era

Which charger can charge my iPhone faster iPhone 5s

Hey guys, I had a concern and a confession to make. What I want to confess is that I have

I just got my new iphone . I successfully signed in my apple account by i have an issue with my icloud. It took my email but password incorrect. apple account email just same with icloud email

I just got my new iphone. I successfully signed in my apple account by i have an issue with my iclou

i lost my s now i cant get my iphone 4 to activation

I cannot get past the activation screen bc i lost my sim card need help

I forogt my security answers and i didnt recieve email iPhone 5s

I forgot my security answers and i follow the instruction i put my email but the password was wrong!

Sending iMessage as text usage amount iPhone

I am asking for international texting purposes. If I send an imessage to someone who has their data

Iphone 5c won t send picture messages

My wife and I have exact Iphone 5c's, I can send picture text messages but she cannot. This feat

she get my iMessages iPhone

I gave my friend my Apple ID log in information a while back so that she can read a book in my iBook

How remove my phone number from imessage and only use email iPhone

I do not have a data plan on my iphone so i cant use imesssage when not in wifi. so in order for me

No iMessage on 3G iPhone 5C

All of a sudden my phone won't work on 3G - it only works on wifiUnable to send iMessages or ref

Imessage iPhone 5

How do I remove my phone number from imessage I only want to have the emails not my phone number

How can I unlock iPhone 5s from Vodafone to user

How can I unlock iPhone 5s from Vodafone to any user

cannot get pictures off iphone due to usb driver fault iPhone 5

Hi, i have not synced my phone with i tunes for a while and when i try it says there is 1gb too much

i wanna to make warranty iPhone 5s

i wanna to activation the warranty how to do this sent to me the link please

FaceTime and iMessage wifi only iPhone

I have a friend who is in Ecuador and I am in the US. I want to FaceTime her and imessage her withou

my apple id and password missing iPhone 3G

what do you mean they are "missing"?