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why is my imessage not showing my cellphone number

iOS to Android. Now I can t group message. iPhone

Hi, so I upgraded from an iPhone4 to a Note 3 and now I can't recieve group messages. At first I

iphone to android swap no group txt

I've already done that. Did not help. Apparently, the imessage is linked (in most cases) to your

IPhone 5c No Emoji through texting.

I have an Iphone 5c through US Cellular, and I am able to recieve emojis in the imessage, but not th

Switched from Apple to Android can t receive texts from iPhone s don t have iPhone serial to begin Apple Support.

I recently got an Android phone and traded in my iPhone.  I didn't disable imessage before

Switched from iPhone to Android and now iMessage being sent instead of Text

A friend of mine recently switched from iPhone to Android and now my text are being sent as imessage

Multiple accounts-1 MAC address and 1 IP address iPhone 5

Hi, Someone has told me that they have evidence of myself and another user, via messaging on an

I've tried to restore my iphone 5 and when I it says its restored but it just stays stuck in recovery mode

I've tried to restore my iPhone 5 a number of times and it says that it has been restored but is

IOS Diagnostics not start in my Iphone 4S

Hi, Following my first request from you (the Iphone 4S camera autofocus does not work properly,

My iPhone was stolen I would find it.

hello: I did not set the icloud on my iPhone, but I logged into Apple ID and I have it for co

Water Damage repairreplacement iPhone 4S

hey guys! I was just wondering how much would it cost to replace an iphone 4s with water damage if I

How i remove my phone number from i message iPhone 4

I switched to a Gz comando phone and i cant get texts all the time and i cant figure out how to take

How I retrieve my number password to new download iPhone 5

Want to do the new update but don't know the four digit number. Any idea how I can retrieve it?

my iphone 5s friend bought for my birthday gift and I drop it and phone never turn on again I can read imdi number from back but how can i find out which shop or carrier cover this iPhone for swap and pay exchange charge imei 013885005567747

my iphone5s friend bought for my birthday gift and I drop it and phone never turn on again I can rea

I just got call from someone whom I had blocked. How did this happen iPhone

With iOS 7 I created a contact title "Spam." I then blocked this contact. Anytime I get a call from

My caller id doesn t show phone numbers unless they are in my contacts iPhone

My iphone 5S won't show me the phone number of the person calling unless they are in my contacts

IOS 7.0.1 upgrade on Iphone 5 failed now stuck

Hi, Whilst upgrading my wifes phone it failed with "unknown error" now it's stuck showing t

iphone 5 has signal but wont calltext

my iphone 5 is showing 3 bars network signal but i cant call or text or recieve either any ideas?

4g iPhone 5s

why is it that my iphone 5s is showing 3g on a 4g network

iPhone not recognised in My Computer but in itunes

About a week ago my iPhone just stopped being recognised in My Computer. Before this it was fine, it

iPhone 5 iMessage Not Working Properly After iOS 7.1 Update

My problem is that after updating to iOS 7.1 on my iPhone 5, my imessage is not working correctly.&#