Unlock iPhone

ios 6 disable ring silent switch

iMessage issues iPhone

I recently bought a Samsung and was having issues recieving messages from friends with iphones. I re

Iphone 5s hacked-please help with saving and resetting

Hi I think my iphone 5s has been physically hacked. Is there a way that I can clear it back to facto

What I should when my iphone 5 has an error code 31 in shown device manager of my laptop

My iphone 5 does not recognize as a personal device in my laptop however it is recognize in itunes a

Now WiFi available on airlines can we have WiFi active but cellular turned off Trying to always connect to cell service from aircraft drains battery quickly iPhone 5s

I was just traveling, and the ailine was offering WiFi service. The iphone has an airplane mode whic

Not Working iPhone 4S

I have ipone 4s. now its cant switch on. and its not working

How can I disable update notification on games or apps iPhone 3G

So every time i open clash of clans i get this update notification it reads   Update is av

can i get my contacts out of my broken iphone 4 iPhone 4S

I smashed my iphone and now when i can hear it ring but cannot see anything on the screen. is there

My iPhone 4s which was working perfectly previously suddenly won't switch on battery was fully charged

iPhone 4s won't switch on. Was fine - was not turned off - just went dead and won't turn on.

How I change my old apple ID to my new one on imessenger. iPhone

How do I change my old apple ID to my new one on imessenger. Is asking me for my old password but it

My Iphone recently broke and I had to switch back to my old non-smart phone and I am currently not receiving messages from Iphone users using Imessage and I cannot log into my old Iphone to turn anything off from so how can I disable my number

Yeah bascially all in the title but I need to remove my number from imessage but I can not do that f

way to receive silent text notifications during Not Disturb Mode iPhone

When I first started using my iPhone's Do Not Disturb feature, I realized that if whenever I was

personal ring tones are not used iPhone 5s

My iPhone 5s will not use the personal ringtones but does use a default that is non Apple. I am not

sms alarm be continuous until msg read iPhone

Hi,  I am on-call and the sms ring tone is max 40 secs. notification doesn't seem to work t

Will iPhone still wipe Not showing on Find My iPhone iPhone 5

Recently lost my iphone 5 on iOS 7.0.4.Find my iPhone was activated on it as I could see the device

iPhone 4s Music Won t Play

Hello, I just started having an issue with my iphone 4s.  It is not playing music.  I

IOS 7 Grey Wifi Blue tooth-How to fix iPhone 4S

i would like to share with you how i fixed my iphone 4s after ios 7.0.4 update and lose of wifi, blu

iPhone 5 doesn't ring when called or texted.

iPhone 5, iOS 7.1. The phone won't ring when called or texted. I can hear the tones just fine wh

When Apple going to incorporate photo capture on find iPhone app. My daughter had her phone stolen we used app to locate but people who stole her phone kept switch it off and on . After period of time they switched it off.

Please could you incorporate photo capture when iPhone lost mode is activated

Iphone won't ring half of time iPhone 4S

Hi i have an iphone 4s and it won't ring half of the time and it rang yeserday and yes I have th

Iphone 5s not vibrate anymore

My iphone does not vibrate anymore. Before that my iphone was inserted by water in the screen but al