Unlock iPhone

iPhone IOS 7 beta expired

panic.Plist iPhone 4S

Hi, I'm from venezuela. I have an iPhone 4S since December of 2012. I bought it from a guy that

Extended warranty iPhone 5

Is it possible for me to get the apple protection plan for my iphone since my warranty expired a few

My iPhone 5's sleepwake button unresponsive and my AppleCare expired. What can I

I've had my iPhone 5 for a year and a half and recently the sleep/wake button hasn't respond

So i have problem. iPhone 4S

About 2 years ago i bought a iphone 4s on the net , and  it came with warranty but that expired

Upgraded my PC from Windows XP to Windows 7. I m worried my iPhone data will be wiped

Hi. I am new to this forum and need some help so I will try to provide as much info as possible. I&#

how you fuckin make freakin appointment with stupid genius mine keeps say whoops sorry your session has expired iPhone 5

how do you ****** make a freakin appointment with a stupid genius mine keeps say whoops sorry your s

I have recently moved back to UK from australia and want to change my apple info as payment details have expired but time I try edit it wont let me iPhone 3G

I have recently moved back to the UK from Australia and want to change the country/payment info on m

Can genius bar unlock my iphone 4

I have an iphone 4 from Bell and has an expired contaract with them, this unit was replaced before u

My iPhone 4 GSM vibrate switch has gone insane.

If I just touch that corner of the phone or even just bump the phone anywhere it begins very rapidly

Siri isn t working after updating to iOS 7.1 I-Phone 5 iPhone 3G

After updating my iPhone 5 32 GB GSM (Factory Unlocked) to iOS 7.1, SIRI is no longer working. Siri

Iphone 5 turns off when below 30 battery

Hi, I'm having a big issue with my Iphone 5: It turns off after reaching 20-30% and asks for rec

My iphone 5 not working. warranty expired.i purchased it in Fortress store HONG KONG. How much it would cost for repair or replacement

my iphone 5 is NOT SWITCHING ON..its not charging .warranty expired by 2 months.how much it would co

Ios 7.1 iPhone 4S

There has been a way found to see all my contacts please make an update, I am running ios 7.1 it'

I don't have apple care and my 1 year apple warranty expired. My phone fell outside and sort of chipped on corner and I was wondering how much it would cost to get it replaced It's not serious type of damage but damage bother me iPhone 5

I don't have apple care, and my 1 year apple warranty is expired. My phone fell outside and is s

Phone disabled forgotten passcode iPhone 4

My contract on my iphone 4 has expired. I got a new iphone and wanted to give my old one to my frien

Iphone 5 stop charging just 13 days after garantee expired.

Hi All, I bought a very expensive cellphone, iphone 5 and now just 13 days after the garantee e

Can you combine two iphone s onto one

Hello I currently have 2 iphones (personal & work) with two separate apple id's, apps,

Warranty expired day I brought in iPhone to repair. They said they will override it to give me 30 more days to bring it in and fix but nothing happened and my warranty now expired. What now iPhone 4S

I brought in my iPhone to the apple store to explain to them a problem I was having with my lock/on/

iPhone 4S Proximity Sensor Not Working

My wife's iPhone 4S is having issues, and it seems to be with the proximity sensor.  When s

Cost for Repair iPhone 4S

I'm trying to use 'Send in for service' for my iPhone 4s. I dropped it in the water, and