Unlock iPhone

iPhone ios 7 search screen

Apple ID lock on iPhone 5c

I have an iPhone 5c that is Apple ID locked meaning I can not activate it unless I get the info from

Water damaged iPhone 4s which Screen d apart phone working well

Hello Everybody! I carried my iPhone 4s in my trousers pocket, while I was riding my bike in a

Messages not working iPhone 3G

Im trying to open my messages app and its showing an empty white screen. Nothing is showing up ( eg.

Hello everyone. I just shattered screen on my iPhone 4s today. it possible I can replace it for free. I have verizon

Hello everyone. I just shattered the screen on my iPhone 4s today. Is it possible that I can replace

iphone 4 wont charge only white apple logo tried to recover error 21 or 1934

yeah so it wont charge..the white apple logo only comes up when on a charger but it never goes past

how i solve error 40 how i solve error 40 iPhone 5s

My iphone screen is blank, when i plug it into my mac and open itunes it says i am in recovery mode

Touch screen very iPhone 5s

My s5 touch screen became very sensitive

iPhone 5c has line across screen

I purchased my iPhone 5c about a month ago and the last couple of days  I noticed a line across

when I put my iphone 5 on charging I feel vibration sensation on back body

Hello, I use iphone5. I had screen guard on back body. Afterremoving it I noticed vibration fee

Can you help me iPhone 5 stuck on apple restore screen

My phone just stopped working randomly two days ago, sice then i've been looking for solutions a

My Iphone 5s screen frozen

My phone screen has randomly froze and I can't do anything at all on the screen. I can press the

Dropped phone but not sure if LCD broken. iPhone 5

Hey guys so I revently dropped my iPhone 5 on carpet on the top part of the iphone near the lock but

My iPhone 5C dropped and screen black but sound still works

My iPhone 5C was charging until someone accidentally knocked it over and once it hit the ground, the

how can i change choice of control centre options iPhone

When I scroll up from bottom of screen to enter control centre, this is very usefull for accessing &

iPhone 4s keeps jumping back to main screen

iPhone 4s keeps jumping back to main screen when using apps or camera. Why would this happen?

iPhone 4s problem

Hi I have the iphone 4s and I recently got a crack on the screen replaced but just yesterday I notic

I dropped my 5s in water and water festooned inside screen. Will it evaporate Will it damage inside of phone iPhone 5s

Once upon a time in a magical world, my silver iPhone 5s was exposed to moisture. It appears water r

I want to make complaint. My Iphone 5 was stolen and app search didn't work. I couldn't take my Iphone back. I am very angry because I really trusted system but it has flaws. iPhone 5s

If you are referring to Find My iPhone, of course it's not foolproof; no such system can be. If

frozen screen on recent calls iPhone 5C

how can I clear the frozen screen on recent calls.  I cannot get to numbers I need to call back

iPhone 4 accedental buttons pushing

Hi,Since I'd updated my wife's iPhone 4 to iOS 7 she began experiencing accedental buttons p