Unlock iPhone

iPhone ios 7.0.4 airplay missing

one broken pin in s card reader matter iPhone 5s

Usally, i treat phones like pets, you stay with them right until it's their time, in phone cases

my apple id and password missing iPhone 3G

what do you mean they are "missing"?

Broken Lock Button Missing Home Button iPhone 5

I have had my iPhone 5 since February, 2013. My lock button stopped working in October/November 2013

way I can view received messages online iPhone

My phones not turning on so I've been using imessage on my mac, i usually sign out of it so no p

My iphone 5 missing it's multitasking menu feature completely. Double tapping home button not trigger action. Help

It's at the title states, my multitasking menu has disappeared completely and I can't access

After upgrading to iPhone 5S my 4S ring tone didn t make upgrade what happened

I recently upgraded to an iPhone 5S but my iPhone 4S ring tone didn't make the jump to the new p

I dropped my phone last night already with little bit of glass missing at top. screen has gone black with blue lines down it and i cant even see my home screen. I've tried holding down power and home button someone please help iPhone 5s

I dropped my phone last night, already with a little glass missing at the top. The screen is black w

no serial number listed in phone iPhone 4S

no serial number listed in phone info.  where did it go? Phone was deactivated suddenly and car

text message notification not sound iPhone

Same thing happening to me with my 4s after upgrading to IOS7 - intermittent with texts and phone ca

just received iphone 4s replacement but missing S card. it needed

What is  a Sim card for and do I need it?

Iphone 5s frequently fails to make ringtone for calls and texts

My iphone s has started to fail to make the selected sounds for phone calls and texts.  As a re

iPhone 5c have airplay

Trying to hook my phone up to my HDTV and I'm trying to find airplay and I have an iPhone 5c

keyboard not work correctly iPhone 5

The keyboard of iphone is not work correctly missing (T & 5). I need healp

Iphone 5S bluetooth wont stay connected to Microsoft Sync. Why not

My IPhone 5S bluetooth signal will not stay connected to the Microsoft Synch in my new car. I have t

I Missing my iPhone iPhone 5s

Hii lost my iPhone yesterday in cafe and it turned off because the battery was lowmy question is ho

Soft Reset Deleted Exchange from Phone iPhone

The other day, my wife handed me her iPhone 5 and said, "Email's acting weird, can you do someth

media control missing after updated iso 7.1.1 iPhone 4

Hi I updated ISO 7.1.1 for my son, that he is using the iPhone 4After the software updated, the medi

my phone not notifying me of call or text even though sound on-help-I am missing so many calls and texts iPhone 5

Help my i phone has stopped ringing and my texts do not alert me, even though the alert sounds are o

itunes wont recognize my iphone 5s Please help iPhone 5C

Hi Everyone.. can someone please help me? Ive been searching this forum for 2 days now and cannot fi

Can Apple Remote pause when receiving call iPhone 3G

I use the Apple Remote applicaiton to control iTunes, which is playing music/news/etc pretty loudly