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iPhone ios 7.0.4 airplay missing


my iphone5s was working properly but suddenly in sim option i saw searching.when i check my phone in

Missing free already loaded apps on new 5s iPhone 3G

I just got a new 5s- love it. However, my son reminded me that I should have access to Pages, Number

Mailboxes missing iPhone 4

you should be able to see that information under mailboxes then accounts.

no airplay icon on Iphone 4s

I cannot find the airplay Icon on my phone when trying to play music!  Any suggestions?

how can i get airplay in iPhone 5s ios 7.1

how can i get airplay in iPhone 5s ios 7.1?

why videos in my camera roll have circle icon instead of video camera icon iPhone 5s

The last 2 videos I took last night (I took 11 in total), show a gray circle icon on them instead of

why in my iphone no airplay and airdrop

why in my iphone no airplay and airdrop

My calendar on my iPhone 5c missing dates. date in calendar but not on my list. It will not let me schedule anything on May 6 I saw few other random dates like . advice

My calendar on my iPhone 5c is missing dates and won't let me schedule for this dates.  Any

Missing calendar in iCal iPhone 3G

I've been using my iCal calendar on my iPhone 5 for over a year now.  Our "family" calendar

Problem with airplay and apple tv iPhone 5

Video takes forever to load over airplay and then drops and need to reload.    &

Iphone 4 my virtual keyboard missing on my phone

I went to create a new contact in my phone and my keyboard won't appear.

Maximum Wifi Speed on iPhone 5S

I have got a 200mbps fibre plan at home and my computer is able to hit 180-200ish mbps on average (u

smsimessage entries missing timedate stamp iPhone 4

I just upgraded to IOS7.  I could not find a way to show the time/date stamp of a text.  T

Hello Apple iPhone 5s

Hi, Apple Support!Yesterday faced with a problem, my reminder buggy. Application hangs and does not

Apps missing after updating how I get them back iPhone 3G

Apps missing after updating, how do I get them back?

Every app install results in waiting mode on my home screen. How can I complete install process iPhone 3G

Every attempted app installation results in the "waiting" mode icon on my home screen.   H

Wifi Sync iPhone 5s

Hi, I have multiple routers set up in my home.  But I am simply trying to get my main lapt

I cannot get Find My iPhone to work iPhone 5s

I have researched all the other questions related to this issue on the forums here at Apple and trie

Why doesn t sort by album artist sort by album artist iPhone 3G

     I so far haven't found a straight answer for this, so I figured I'd

I'm Using Iphone 5 16GB. Suddenly its seen seraching. when i checked i found IMEI number missed from my phone after using 40days.Please Help me what should i .

Hello, I had Buy Apple Iphone 5 From USA before 2 Month and I'm Using In india. After