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ios 7.0.4 contacts diappear after sync

I just got call from someone whom I had blocked. How did this happen iPhone

With iOS 7 I created a contact title "Spam." I then blocked this contact. Anytime I get a call from

My caller id doesn t show phone numbers unless they are in my contacts iPhone

My iphone 5S won't show me the phone number of the person calling unless they are in my contacts

my iPhone 4s will not connect with my mac pro

hey, so i have an iphone 4s with the latest update iOS7.1 and a macbok pro which is also up to date

Why won t iMessages send of my photos iPhone 5 iOS 7.1

Hello! I'm facing a little problem with iMessage. Each time I try to send a photo from my C

data in sync for icloud deleted no iPhone 3G

data in the sync for icloud deleted is no?

How I unlock my iPhone 4S from set network

I recently bought an iPhone 4S off a friend, the phone is locked to a network (in this case Orange o

My iPhone 5 syncing songs I don t have selected in iTunes.

I have an iPhone 5, iOS 7.1, iTunes 11.1.5.  There are songs on my iPhone that I haven't se

Lost contacts iPhone 4S

I lost all my contacts suddenly can't get them back?

How I save my iPhone backup once my computer wiped

I'm wanting to wipe my computer clean to start it all fresh due to not having enough disk space

IOS 7 with 2014 New Ford Kuga with Sync iPhone 5C

Hello, I am buying a new ford titanium x which I collect in June and the dealership have advise

iPhone will nothing when i click backup button in iTunes iPhone 4S

So i have an iphone 4s and i had previously backed it up to my previous laptop (which i still have a

iPhone 5s charges but wont sync.

Hi everyone, im from Argentina, and i have an iPhone 5s, the thing is that i tried to sync it to iTu

Comcast not allow me to use iCloud to sync my iPhone . An apple genius gave me special DNS server to allow syncing. did not work at home. So I used secure proxy server outside US and then was able to sync. iPhone 5s

Comcast claims that are not blocking ports.  Technically from what I understand they are not.&#

how to sync from computer to iphone 4

howvto sync music from computer to iphone4

iPhone syncing of music from MBA working only on home network

Can anyone tell me why when I sync my personal CDs from my MBA to my iPhone via iTunes the songs are

iPhone 5 restore Error 1

To Whom It May Conern, I recieved an iPhone from a friend recently (iPhone 5) with a shattered

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When starting a new message, I type the contact name in, and it shows multiple numbers, even though

I dropped my iPhone in toilet iPhone 4S

In january, I dropped my iPhone 4S in the toilet. It was in water for about 15 seconds. I took it ou

iphone sync Outlook contact categories iPhone 5s

Does iphone sync Outlook contact categories?

Problems Editing and deleting Label iPhone

Hi all, This question is not limited to iPhone, it's also valid for all IOS products (iPod,