Unlock iPhone

iPhone ios4 turn off passcode

My Phone Won t Turn on or Charge. iPhone 3G

My iphone 4s will not turn on or charge, i have tried everything on this site and absolutly nothing

my iphone 5 got water damage issue

hi my iphone 5 was dropped in water and now if i try to turn it on it doesnt do anything but when i

what should i when my iphone 5 keeps turning off and suddenly turns on but freezes until apple logo appears then turn off and on again

my iphone 5 suddenly turned off then it turns on by itself then freezes then turns off and on again?

data manager app for iphone

What is the best data manager, which will show which app is using cellular data. My AT&T is show

I dropped my phone and now it won't turn on iPhone 4S

I dropped my phone and now it won't turn on

My phone suddenly turned off and won t turn back on. iPhone

My phone went off without warning and I can't get it to turn back on.  Whay would this have

How remove my phone number from imessage and only use email iPhone

I do not have a data plan on my iphone so i cant use imesssage when not in wifi. so in order for me

Iphone 5 has water damage

I am wondering if anyone has any solutions to fixing an Iphone 5 with water damage. A few days ago i

my iphone 5S finger print touch sensor got damaged replacement of touch sensor will work touch id

a local service person damaged my iphone 5s touch sensor while replacing the strip , after that only

iPhone 5 will only let me emergency call cant type in passcode

Hi. When I was at work I left my phone on the side and people tried to get into it, but after typing

I purchased an iPhone 5 at an unclaimed items police auction yesterday but after I charged it and turned it on it asking me for passcode which unfortunately I was not supplied with. way to get around code or have I wasted my money

I purchased an iPhone5 at an unclaimed items police auction yesterday, but after I charged it and tu

Iphone Disabled Connect to Itunes iPhone 5

My son disabled my phone by pressing the wrong passcode many times. I want to enter the actual passc

iphone 5 will not charge

I've had my iPhone 5 for a little less than a year. Up until last night the device has been

My iPhone 5 doing crazy things all by itself. For example Siri comes on automatically without me saying anything phone dials contacts or tries to FaceTime my contacts without me doing anything when I click top button to turn it off phone

My iphone 5 is doing crazy things.  I have had it for 18 months.  For example: Siri comes

I've locked my iPhone 4s and don't my passcode

Is there a way to get your phone unlocked without a pass code?  My phone is locked and I have f

Turning off imessage iPhone 5C

Yes I recently switch to galxay phone but my message from any Iphone user does not show. How do i tu

Iphone 5s power off without passcode please upgrade this software.

Iphone 5s is power off without passcode key please upgrade this software.When mobile snatcher is pow

i forgot my restriction password. am unable to turn on in app purchase what can be done i forgot my restriction password. am unable to turn on in app purchase what can be done iPhone 3G

i forgot my restriction password. am unable to turn on the in app purchase.. what can be done?, i fo

iphone 5s 1 charge

I always leave my iphone 5s plugged in and when I woke the battery says 1%. I turn the phone off and