Unlock iPhone

My touch id on iphone 5s doesn't appear

when i restore ios 7.1 .touch id is appear passcode

Why apple black when I turn phone off and on iPhone 5

Does anyone have a black apple when they turn there phone off and on?

Passcode on Apps iPhone 5C

I think Apple should enable users to put passwords on the apps.

Woke up to broken 5s. iPhone 5s

last thing I remember was beginning the 7.1.1 update. Now my 5s won't turn on. I have tried hold

How to turn off apps iPhone 3G

How to turn off apps

i cant access my passcode on iphone 4

all i get when i turn my iphone 4 on is a apple logo and then it reloads again after a beep when i h

i forgot my passcode iPhone 4

i forgot my passcode, how do i reset it?have iphone 4.

Easier way to reset restriction passcode iPhone 5C

Why can't there be an easier way to reset the restrictions passcode if we have forgotten it with

Locked out of iPhone iOS6 and in airplane mode iPhone 5

I purchased a used iPhone 5 with iOS6 installed online for cash and can't use. Here are the deta

Viber Activation Code preventing me from using my iPhone

@ViberTeam Hi there,  I have been using Viber on my iPhone 4S for a while. Today, sud

I need to turn off my iMessage without having iPhone on me iPhone 5

I have switched from the iphone to android and I can not get text from people with an iphone

Data For Unlimited Text and talk iPhone

I have just gotten an IPhone 5s and Verizon For some reason some people i can send messages to and i

Help iPhone 4

i forget my passcode and tried to restore it but it ask for iCloud account password but i forget tha

my iphone 5 all of suddon had white and black lines on screen and now wont turn on or charge can help

can anyone help with this issue?

changed my passcode on phone and forgot new passcode how i restore phone to go on iPhone 5s

How do i restore my phone t operate i changed ;my passcode and forgot the new one

iphone 5

how do i turn on the cookies on my iphone5 i followed the instructions but i dont see the "accept co

Help Messages Mail Safari and other Apps suddently not working on iPhone 4S.

Greetings, friends.  I have an iPhone 4S and yesterday afternoon the Messages, Mail and Safari

Battery life iPhone 5

Hi everyone Recently my iPhone start to turn off while the battery is 4% left. It use to be las

facetime could not connected iPhone 3G

I have appld ID loggined in iPhone4S(iOS:6.1.3) and iPad2(iOS:6.1.3). For a long time,facetime worke