Unlock iPhone

iPhone ios4 turn off passcode

away to only send pictures via iMessage and never text message iPhone

Whenever I send a photo via iMessage and it isn't possible it sends it via text instead. The pro

iPhone 5s battery and overheating problem

so basically this problem got serious these days on my iphone 5s.it was perfectly fine before the io

Forgot password to my old iphone 4s and not connected to wifi and will not let me reset it because it has find my iphone on.

I got the new iphone 5s and decided to use my old iphone 4s as an ipod to save room on my new one, t

I can't turn on my iphone at all after it hang and shutdown automatically. solution to fix this iPhone 4S

My iphone 4s can't turn after it hang and shutdown automatically. Is there any specific way to f

My iPhone display sometimes getting bigger than normal size. So big sometimes I can't use it and I must turn it off. what happened iPhone 5

My iPhone display sometimes getting bigger than normal size. So big sometimes  that I can't

my device disabled askng for connect to itunes but i forget my id-password through which i started my phone first iPhone 3G

my phone is disabled   now a nd i dnt remember the password of my itunes id fromm which i

Why Siri service not exist in my phone when examined on word siri found in iPhone 3G

i have iphone 5s ,siri does not even appear in settings ,so you cant turn it on or off ,why

iMessage can t be turned on via mobile data iPhone

I turned off my iMessage to reset, and try to turn back on via mobile data. A dialog shows that "iMe

iPhone destroyed removed from support profile and still can t receive texts from iDevices. How else I remove iPhone from iMessage system

iPhone got ran over by a car. I retrieved my sim card and put it in an android phone, but can no lon

i lost psscof iPhone 4

Hi I forgot the passcode for the iphone. So I can not get in to the iphone. Is there any way we can

Camera and flash doesn't work iphone 5s ios 7.1

Ok, so first of all , sorry fir my bad english :/Well i was at my mom's house a week ago , and i

I want to make complaint. My Iphone 5 was stolen and app search didn't work. I couldn't take my Iphone back. I am very angry because I really trusted system but it has flaws. iPhone 5s

If you are referring to Find My iPhone, of course it's not foolproof; no such system can be. If

iPhone 4 accedental buttons pushing

Hi,Since I'd updated my wife's iPhone 4 to iOS 7 she began experiencing accedental buttons p

My iPhone 5 not responding to charger only if i turn power off

Hey .. I just bought an i phone 5 ,, but today i noticed that my i phone is not responding to charge

Trying to delete content and settings from iPhone 4 and restoring with an iBackUpBot backup

So after iOS 7, I'm experiencing a lot of problems with my iPhone 4 (8gb) with things like the s

My iPhone 5 won't turn on. It's charged but it simply won't turn on. I need help like ASAP

My iPhone has been fine for like as long as I've had which has been for a while I guess until th

iPhone 5 crashed all I have black screen with Apple and bar.

Went to reset phone but it had crashed and now will not turn off or reset. Black screen with an appl

iPhone 5 apple logo flashing when on charge.

My iPhone 5 randomly turned off last night and I was unable to turn it on. I then plugged it into a

iPhone 4s won't turn on

I have an iPhone 4S. It recently shut off and won't turn back on. It's not dead because it d