Unlock iPhone

iphone 5c ringer switch

iOS 7 updates don't fix main issue iPhone 5C

Ever since the release of iOS 7 to mobile devices, all that have downloaded this upgrade are experie

Passcode on Apps iPhone 5C

I think Apple should enable users to put passwords on the apps.

iPhone 5 cases fit 5c phones iPhone 5C

Do I Phone 5 cases fit the 5c phone?

How much it cost to fix l.e.d in apple store iPhone 5C

How much does it cost to fix l.e.d in that apple store

iPhone models list by country iPhone 5C

I saw several months ago a list inside Apple site indicating the different models that works in each

Can I cancel newest ios7 update for my 5c iPhone 5C

i have recently tried to update my iphone 5c and it says i need to connect my phone to itunes to fin

Can you change your gamecenter password to something other than your apple id iPhone 4

My son wants to be able to switch from his gamecenter to my gamecenter, but I don't want him kno

hello my iphnoe not letting me baack up my icould iPhone 5C

my husband and i are having trouble backing up our icloud. we cant even update our apps we have on o

My friends aren't getting my delivered iMessages iPhone 5C

The title pretty much says it all. My friends have their read reciepts on too and none of them have

Detached screen iPhone 5C

I threw my iphone 5c across the room now the screen is detached from the back part completely. The b

What s in iPhone 5s stand for iPhone 5C

I always wondered what the "s" stands for in apple 2nd version of iphone products

Why won't my phone reboot and apple icon keeps blinking iPhone 5C

Why won't my phone reboot and apple icon keeps blinking?

for internet iPhone 5C

My handset apple iphone 5c internet is not working

Easier way to reset restriction passcode iPhone 5C

Why can't there be an easier way to reset the restrictions passcode if we have forgotten it with

iphone 5c call volume very low. suggestions

My iphone 5c call volume is very low. While on a call, I can barely hear the person on the other lin

My iPhone turned off n it wnt come back on It's not 2week old yetcan help iPhone 5C

I can't turned phone on he just gone blank

My iphone 5c battery goes dead extremely fast

My iphone all of the sudden just started to drain the battery at a ridiculous rate.  I have shu

Can I switch out my current phone with another color iPhone 5s

Can I switch out my current phone with another color? I have black and I would prefer the silver. My

I can not receive or send text messages iPhone

I cant send/recieve messages from friends and family, unless they have the iphone.  This is ext