Unlock iPhone

my iphone automatic turns on speakerphone

Battery iPhone

Help!!!!  I have a 4s I can get internet and messages without a sim installed but as soon as I

Inconsistant Battery Life iPhone 5

My battery looses charge very quickly and inconsistently. It sometimes goes from 80% to 20% in a few

my iphone 5 got water damage issue

hi my iphone 5 was dropped in water and now if i try to turn it on it doesnt do anything but when i

what should i when my iphone 5 keeps turning off and suddenly turns on but freezes until apple logo appears then turn off and on again

my iphone 5 suddenly turned off then it turns on by itself then freezes then turns off and on again?

My iphone 5s turns off and on

My iphone 5s turns off and on when I'm typing side ways does anybody have this problem or know a

how I retrieve photos from my iphone 4s will not stay charged

My iphone 4s only stays on when it's charged into a wall or car charger. Even then it turns off

why my iPhone 4 have blue tint around edges

I just changed my cracked screen. It was fine at first when i first turned it on after putting it in

it possible to unlock Verizon iPhone 4s for domestic use

I have an iphone 4s that has completed its two-year Verizon contract and I am hoping to use it with

iphone 5 LED light not working properly

led light on my iphone 5 is not working properly... neither cam flash nor torch... out of 50 trials

I really need help with my iPhone 5. screen stops working while after i unlock screen. Sometimes screen turns purple aswell with stripes where color stronger.

The screen suddenly stops working. Sometimes it's only parts of the screen that stops working(Mo

iPhone 5 battery drains within few hours

Okay so I should probably have come here with this question when this problem started a couple of we

suggestion for ios iPhone 5C

I work in a school and because im the techie guy whenever an ipod or iphone or ipad get turned in it



iPhone 4s microphone

My iphone 4s microphone no longer works, I have to use speakerphone to talk on the phone. Can the mi

getting black screen with 5c iPhone 5C

I just bought a 5c iphone.  Every so often the screen goes black and nothing turns the phone ba

My Iphone 5 stop charging at 5 when it turns on

Hello,  My iphone charges when switched off but stop charging when it turns on.  Nothing I

My phone crashes when I turn it off and battery level less than 20 percent. I restored software but this did not solve problem. What I now iPhone 5

My iphone 5 turns off if I stop using it and whe battery level reading is below 20 percent.  Wh

iPhone Replacement iPhone 5

Today I took my phone in for service, turns out a few apps were crashing my phone. They wiped my pho

iPhone 5 won't turn on

My iphone 5 won't turn or charge. It gets to the point where the apple shows and then it turns b

iphone recover messages.

Hi, I discovered that my iphone does automatic back up every 4 or 5 weeks. Last back up has been don