Unlock iPhone

why does my iphone keep blinking the apple logo

Why my iphone 5 randomly restart when i facetime

Everytime i get on facetime or facetime audo it restarts after a couple of mins or so and idk why th

3rd Party Cables iPhone 5s

I just purchased an iphone 5S and am having fun replacing all of my cables and accessories that work

Phone got really hot on charger and doesn't charge iPhone 5s

Last night I was charging my phone with the wall charger. I usually just leave it on the charger at

Replacing iPhone 5 purchased in Australia now living in UK

Hi. I am having issues with my iphone 5 and have taken it to two apple stores in the UK, where they

Hacked SMS Messages iPhone 5s

I’m aware many may think this situation is absurd or “impossible.” But, a very str

I purchased an unlocked 16 gb iPhone 5s from apple why can't I activate it without s

It's asking to insert a sim. I paid 650 for the dang phone... What gives?

Where Verify link iPhone 3G

" Please verify the contact email address for your apple ID " Where is the verify link ?!

how to create full supported blog site for apple iphone

hii want to create full supported blog site for apple iphone.how i do it. this is my blog site link

contacting apple iPhone 4S

what can i do to contact apple for getting my iphone repaired?

iPhone 5s bad fit and finish

I just received a replacement iphone 5s 64GB in gold. When I got it home I noticed that the bottom l

I have not been able to use facetime on my iPhone 5 and my daughters iPod 5 since yesterday. if are problems with apple iPhone 5s

I have not been able to use facetime on my iphone 5 and my daughtes ipod 5 since yesterday...does an

something with my iphone iPhone 4S

My iphone ios diagnostics are saying that my iphone have power issues I want to know what it is but

bluetooth iPhone 4S

Hai, since IOS7 i can not use my bluetooth.Not in my car. not with my headset on me motor. 

My daughter's iPhone 4S wi-fi function stopped working after 18 months of ownership. Apple Store employees acknowledged it was product problem. They just they said. But because phone out of warranty they won't anything about it.

My daughter's iphone 4S wi-fi function simply stopped working after 18 months of ownership. Appl

Problems After Updating iPhone 4

I've used nothing but apple products for eight years now but I'm wondering if I should stop

leaving your iPhone on dock unplugged drain iPhone battery or affect it in way

The title describes it all.  does leaving your iphone on a dock unplugged drain the iphone batt

Hi everyone Need some help with my iPhone .

Hi to everyone)) I have a problem with my iphone 5C, it's something wrong with display. I live i

Can I return usb cable by post iPhone 5s

Can I return my faulty usb lightning cable by post to apple?

Apple ID lock on iPhone 5c

I have an iphone 5c that is apple ID locked meaning I can not activate it unless I get the info from

My iphone showing flashing apple logo and will not respond to hard reset or button use. iPhone 5

My i phone is only showing a flashing apple logo and will not respond to hard resets or any button u