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iphone dies at 20

My iPhone 5 battery dies between 20-30 I've had phone since October 2013 HELP

I've had many IPhones, I brought my iphone 5 the middle of October last year. The battery was fi

iPhone 5 Battery life keeps changing when placed on charger

Got an iphone 5 and have never had issues with it till now. One minute the phone will be fully charg

my phone suddenly dies around 30-40 . how can i fix this iPhone 5

my phone suddenly dies around 30-40%. how can i fix this?

I had my iphone 4 in airplane mode i have password on it and it got stolen. If my phone were to die battery depleted and theif charges it will airplane mode still be active

My phone was recently stolen while in airplane mode. My phone was locked. If the phone dies and the

How to charge iPhone 4s first time

Do I need to wait til my iphone dies to charge for first time?  If so, how long do I charge for

Battery drain iphone 5s

I just got my iphone 5s 3 weeks ago , and the battery will not last more than 3 hours. It dies so so

My iphone 's Battery dies to fast iPhone 4S

Hi,My mother recently purchased an iphone 4S. She has had the iphone for 3 years and suddenly 2 week

My Iphone -4

My iphone 4th generation will only charge if it dies then when it comes back it only charges about 4

Why battery on iPhone 5c die so fast

I love the iphone but I believe it dies waaaay to fast

4s battery failure

4s with iOS7 I bought a new 5c and gave my daughter the old 4s. Over the last 3 months the batt

How I fix my battery iPhone 4

I leave my phone charging overnight and now my battery dies fast, how can I fix my battery?

iPhone 5 battery draining quickly since updating to iOS 7.x

Ever since I upgraded to iOS 7.x, I have had nothing but horrible battery life.  I have had con

My iPhone 4s wont charge when on but charges after it dies

Title says it all but let me put a bit more details into it. My iphone 4s wont charge when plug

Life battery for iPhone 5 iPhone 5s

Dear Apple Support,  I have been an apple customer since 2007. Throughout the years I owned mul

My Iphone 5 stopped charging. Once it dies it charges until it turns itself on again however will stop charging then. Software problem What can I

As topic says.  today, unsure why, my iphone 5 decided that it will not charge while turned on.

my iphone 5 dies even with 100 charge.

My ipone 5 dies with even 100% charge. i have tried to reset it through the itunes as well as throug

Battery problems iPhone 5s

My battery on iphone 5s started to have problems.I charge it and over night it has 1 precent an then

I have an iPhone 4 will accept charge only when off.

The moment it turns on it ceases to charge and simply dies again. I've tried several different c

I bought an apple Iphone 5 8 months ago from Saudi Arabia and i Live in Amman jordan anyway phone restarting with no reason and battery dies time even when 100 battery charge after couple of days screen dislocated

I bought  an apple Iphone5 8 months  ago from Saudi Arabia and i Live in Amman jordan , an

my iphone 5 dies at 50 battery and our 4 chargers have all stopped charging within same week. what could be issue its like our apples are having major meltdown help

Help!  My iphone 5 has recently started to "die" at about 20 or 30% battery depending on where