Unlock iPhone

iphone dies at 20

why my iPhone 5C battery life so bad

Just 2 and a half hours of music / web browsing (Bluetooth Off, Background App Refresh Off, No Push

Why my 4s which has been reset to new turned off but battery going flat in day

This phone won't hold it's charge. It has been restored, setup as a new phone but not activa

iPhone 5 battery drains within few hours

Okay so I should probably have come here with this question when this problem started a couple of we

Phones battery won't turn on iPhone 4S

So I purchased my iphone 4s about 1 year ago, and its in decent shape. It has a horrible battery tho

My iPhone 5's battery has been behaving erratically. this fixable or should I look into getting new phone

I have had my iphone 5 for about a year and a half. It constantly dies at 60% or higher and its batt

IPhone 4 charging but when I turn it on it dies

Hi Everyone: So my phone dies as it usually does. After that happens, I charge it up and everyt

iPhone 4 Went All Black Vibrates Constantly Ideas

My iphone 4 all of a sudden went black and shut off. It will not go back on. I've tried all of t

iphone 5 been dead all night ive put it on charge all day it still hasnt turned on

recently my phone has been taking ages to charge, but dies significantly quicker. ive tried things s

Can iPhone five battery be replaced iPhone 5

My iphone 5 dies rapidly even though I charged it all night. Now not only does it die quickly but wh

Iphone 5 7.1.1 update iPhone 5C

Hi Ever since I have updated my software to IOS 7.1.1 on my iphone 5 it has been playing up.

iphone repairs iPhone 4S

I accidentally dropped my phone in to water earlier on today. As a result my phone isn't working

iphone 4 powers on at mains but shuts off when connected computer

Good Morning,  I have an iphone 4 that has been dropped, and the screen broken, the buttons and

after 7.1.1 update jpg s unreadable and podcast app dies iPhone 3G

That about says it. the update screwed the phone and the ipad (at least the jpg issue, don't use

Flashing Apple Screen HELP iPhone 5s

I recently bought a brand new 16gb gold iphone 5s and i took it out of the box and plugged it in. Al

iPhone 5 turning itself off at more than 60

Is anyone else getting their supposedly amazing iphone turn off with high amounts of battery life st

iPhone 5 experiencing extremely low battery life please help

My iphone has recently been having some major battery issues. It lasts about 3 hours on a full charg

Hi guys my iphone 4 when taking front camera it gets stuck Hi guys my iphone 4 when taking front camera it gets stuck

My iphone 4's front camera dies not work it gets stuck when I try to take it

Iphone loses charge while charging iPhone 5

I had just put my phone on the charger and it goes on with a 4% charge and gradually goes down to 1%

Why My iPhone 4s Dies sooooo fast

I have an iphone 4s Model A1387, and it dies rediculously fast. Ill open an app, and lose 6% battery

iPhone charging problem iPhone 4S

I've been having a problem with my iphone 4s- If I run the battery down until it dies (which hap