Unlock iPhone

how come my iphone doesnt ring while on charger

How your fix Iphone 5 32g will not pass apple logo in boot up

I plug in my iphone 5 to the charger cube and all my phone does is turn on with the apple logo. Then

Charger plugged in but says its not iPhone 4

My charger is plugged but icon on screen says its not. My phone will not charge

bad imei iPhone 5s

i boufgt a brand new iphone 5s and have used for 3 months now it doesnt work i called my carrier and

iPhone 5 running iOS 7.1 self-launches applications

Since upgrading my iphone 5 to iOS 7.1 I have been experiencing 2 strange issues:1 - When plugged in

can i get my contacts out of my broken iphone 4 iPhone 4S

I smashed my iphone and now when i can hear it ring but cannot see anything on the screen. is there

my iphone 4 not restoring on itunes. It comes up error 21 help

Hi my iphone 4 has gone to a black screen. when I plug it into the charger the apple logo comes on a

can apple fix an iphone thats cracked and doesnt want to turn on

i need help with my phone the back is craked my screen wont respond and it doesnt connect to interne

iphone 5 auto restart

hii sir my iphone 5 wont turn on,when m plug into charger its auto restart ...what i do is there bat

can not charge iphone iPhone 5s

My iphone can not charge. when I connect to wireless charging it difficult to connect. I think my ip

Why my iphone 4 turn off whenever its not charging

My phone will say that it's charged 100%, but when i take it off of the charger, it shuts itself

5c charger overheated. iPhone 5C

Refurbished 5c won't charge with factory charger. Only charges for a few minutes with car charge

personal ring tones are not used iPhone 5s

My iphone 5s will not use the personal ringtones but does use a default that is non Apple. I am not

I Updated An Iphone 5s to iOS 7.1 and touch id not working.

I Updated My iphone 5s To iOS 7.1 and the touch id stopped working. it works when i have connected i

I have tried to update my iPhone 5c and it stuck on connect to iTunes I have tried turning it off and then back on and it will not work. iTunes not seem to detect it while it plugged in.

I have tried to update my phone and it is stuck on "connect to iTunes" I have plugged it up to the w

sms alarm be continuous until msg read iPhone

Hi,  I am on-call and the sms ring tone is max 40 secs. notification doesn't seem to work t

My iPhone 5s charger stopped working

I haven't even had the phone for a year .. will Apple replace this for free, I've heard this

facing lot of bugs on iphone 4 ios 7.1

these are the bugs i am facing...1. battery drain.2. keypad gets stuck when i use the search option

I fell in pool with my phone. I've had it in rice for about 35 hours when I plug it into my charger it just vibrates what should I iPhone 5s

I really need my phone to work. Anything helps

Iphone not activated

i just got my iphone and when the setup wizard came it said activating iphone please wait then when

USB cable to charge my iPhone 4S in USB port in my car

Can I use the USB cable (that is part of my charger) to charge my iphone 4S in the USB port in my ca